2024 Korea Badminton Association Long-Term National Badminton Competition in Seosan City: A Prestigious Event for Student Athletes

Photo = Provided by the Korea Badminton Association

[스포츠투데이 이상필 기자] The Korea Badminton Association (Chairman Kim Taek-gyu) will hold the 2024 Korea Badminton Association Long-Term National Badminton Competition (Middle School) in Seosan-si, South Chungcheong Province from the 13th to the 22nd.

This competition started in 1963 and is a prestigious competition representing the Korea Badminton Association, celebrating its 62nd anniversary this year.

This year, a total of 152 teams, including 56 boys’ middle school teams, 27 girls’ middle school teams, 45 boys’ high school teams, and 24 girls’ high school teams, with 813 players and 220 coaches participating.

In particular, Kim Min-seon (18) and Lee Jong-min (18), who became high school national team players by performing outstandingly in the 2024 national team selection match held at the end of last year, will participate in this competition, where the country’s top student athletes will put the honor of their team at stake. It is expected to be a fierce competition.

Meanwhile, Seosan City (Mayor Lee Wan-seop) has signed an agreement to host the tournament with the Korea Badminton Association, providing a total of 800 million won for four years from 2024 to 2027.

Seosan Mayor Lee Wan-seop expressed his desire to revitalize the local economy and contribute to the development of badminton in Korea by hosting national-scale sports competitions.

[스포츠투데이 이상필 기자 [email protected]]

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