“The more distance from second and third, the better”

“The more distance from second and third, the better”

Lucas doesn’t want to stop. He is the best player Star Galicia In the month of February, Dépor is the leader and has seven consecutive wins, but they want more. Nàstic, the second, appears on the horizon. “The team is happy and happy. From the beginning we knew about our potential. It didn’t happen and now it does. We are looking forward to it and we are very happy. Let’s get to Sunday’s game against the second team and the further the distance, the better. It depends on ourselves,” says the man from A Coruña, who is not thinking about a draw in Catalan territory. “What we think about is winning. In my short career I don’t know any teammate who has gone out to tie. Then the games lead you to circumstances. If you go 1-1 in ’89… Since Lugo finished we thought about going to Tarragona to win. We get the results, we are dangerous, they don’t give us chances or goals. In football you have to take advantage of these moments. “The more distance from second, third and fourth, the better.”

Dépor has reached the top, now it’s up to them to stay. “It’s the most difficult thing, it’s not getting there. We don’t know when bad times can come. Make it 8, 9 or 10 wins in a row. We depend on us,” says the left-hander, who is enjoying the moment. “This year I already knew players and teammates, we get along very well. There are the kids, it is an accumulation of circumstances that help. Now everything is more beautiful and fun.”

The 7 believes that we must also value what has been achieved. “We are in a game dynamic of feeling good, this is the line. We have already gone through bad moments and the longer the good ones last… There is a lot of energy and desire. The better. You can think that scoring four or five goals is easy, but it’s not like that,” he points out.

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