Real Madrid Regains Its Smile in Euroleague: Secures Playoff Spot

The calm has arrived after the storm. Real Madrid regained its smile in the Euroleague after several weeks of uncertainty. He took Bologna, a hot and complicated square, with good general sensations (74-89). Without being the machine of other dates, but with solidity to open up margin and temper at the decisive moment. Between a good Yabusele, the brilliant Campazzo in the final stretch and the Argentine’s connections with Poirier They are worth knocking down Virtus and certifying the passport to the playoffs.

Yabusele, defended by Pajola.


  • 74 – Power of Segafredo Bologna (15+16+21+22): Cordinier (12), Belinelli (9), Pajola (4), Shengeli (10), Zizic (8) – initial team -, Dunston (4), Mickey (11), Lundberg (11), Lomazs (-), Dobric (5) and Abass (-).
  • 89 – Real Madrid (23+21+17+28): Campazzo (10), Abalde (7), Hezonja (10), Yabusele (15), Tavares (6), -starting quintet-, Alocén (2), Musa (10), Llull (8), Deck (7) and Poirier (14).
  • Referees: Robert Lottermoser (Germany), Milan Nedovic (Slovenia) and Eduard Udyanskyy (Great Britain). They eliminated Cordinier by five points (min.38)
  • Incidences: Matchday 29 of the Euroleague played at the Virtus Segrafredo Arena in Bologna. In the preview, Alessandro Pajola was given a commemorative shirt for completing 400 games with the local team and a minute of silence was held in memory of those who died in a fire in Bologna.

That pass was a long time coming. It is the reality of a Madrid that may now pay for the efforts of the beginning. But he recovered part of his identity before Virtus. He left it touched at the start thanks to a great Yabusele (15 points and 7 rebounds), and although between Cordinier and Lundberg they almost gave a scare at the end, they also had final power. Campazzo, with four great decisions in a row, and Poirier (12 points in the last quarter) are well worth Madrid burying doubts after three consecutive defeats.

Good start to Madrid

He Real Madrid improved throughout the team of the party. From the beginning, taking advantage of the fact that Virtus is one of those teams that dies for the same reason it lives: its madness in attack. He didn’t score anything and after a testimonial leadership after Zizic’s basket, he collided with his mistake. Madrid took advantage of it to accelerate, between seven in a row from Yabusele, a basket from Campazzo and a triple from Abalde (6-16, 8′).

He woke up, something, to the Virtus. More was ordered in attack, brilliant in ball movementn, and found Belinelli’s first triple or a good dunk by Iffe Lundberg. He alerted, of course, Madrid. Alocén made a great entrance and Deck with a triple at the buzzer of the first quarter certified that the first sample of the white team in the pavilion located at the Bologna fair it was good (15-23, 10′). That good work continued in the face of Italian sparks, from talented players like Lundberg, but often insufficient.

Cordinier, pursued by Musa.

Llull accelerates

Llull, with more relevance due to Chacho’s loss, struck and the defense accompanied to open the margin (19-32, 14′). One attack worked, another didn’t work. Although the Virtus had time not to disconnect entirely thanks to Zizic’s good level under the boards and Cordinier’s skill.

A give and take, although always with a better Real Madrid. The acceleration was in his hand and he repeated it after another brilliant episode by Zizic under the board that brought out the colors of a somewhat contemplative white defense in the second quarter. But Musa found a triple and a good tackle, Virtus got stuck and Llull put in a signature tangerine to hit the table at half-time (31-44, 20′). Eight points in the fourth and closer to the record for triples in the history of the Euroleague.

Fight under boards.

Despite some disconnection, the white sensation had improved a lot in a place with only two defeats until the landing of the European champion. And the attack flowed, between another triple of great merit from Yabusele (35-51, 24′) to appear in the second half or great options in attack from Campazzo and Abalde to answer the attacks of Belinelli or Cordinier.

That volcanic talent of the Virtus appeared. Because they have the points in the generators to do it, but Madrid found solutions to scare away any ghost. Like a frontal triple from Musa or another from a good Yabusele who gave air when the local counters opened briefly of Italian faith (45-59, 29′).

Cordinier against everyone

Of course, it seemed inexhaustible. Lundberg, from outside, and a circus entrance of Cordinier They were still left with options before the last quarter (52-61, 30′). The Frenchman combusted with increasingly better details, although Hezonja scored another triple and Deck a great cut so that the whites did not get nervous (56-66, 32′).

Yabusele enters the basket.

Although he did not bury the Virtus. Another good white moment, another reaction. They drew 10-2 in which Dobric and Mickey gained prominence, forcing the whites to wake up. They found the personnel line with Campazzo – gray throughout the clash until the final stretch – and Poirier (66-73, 36) to breathe. But the warning was already being noticed.

He demanded Madrid recover more solvent in the final minutes. Campazzo He assumed that role and everything that was irregular at the beginning became solutions at the end. He made two tackles that made Virtus dizzy and did not let them get on the scoreboard when the game came to an end (68-77, 37′).

The entry of the Argentine magician into flour was the worst news of the Virtus, no response capacity. Because he not only contributed with points by adding two elite passes to Poirier that were worth the victory (74-89). Despite the tightness at the end that may tarnish a generally good white game, Real Madrid is once again smiling in Europe. And he already has the ticket to the Playoffs.

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