“Metta” Secures 2:0 Victory Against “Liepāja” After Strong Performance

“Metta” Secures 2:0 Victory Against “Liepāja” After Strong Performance

“Metta” defeated “Liepāja” with 2:0 (1:0).

The home team Bruno Melnis opened the score in the 26th minute with a long shot from the left side of the field. The ball he sent hit the far post of the goal and flew into the goal.

A little later, two “Liepāja” football players collided with their heads in the air on the opponent’s side of the field – Sheik Diouf and Ivan Patrikeevs, who was hit on the head, calling the medical team to the field.

In the 37th minute, Artūrs Zyuzins entered the field instead of Patrikeyev.

In the second half, Liepāja had the upper hand, goalkeeper Alvi Sorokin saving the home team several times from losing goals, and once – also the goal structure.

At the end of the match, Melni was brought down in the penalty area by Aram Bagdasarjan, and the 11-meter penalty kick was coolly executed by Moamet Korea in the 85th minute. – 2:0.

Both teams lost at the beginning of the season with 0:2 – “Metta” – from Valmieri and “Liepāja” – from Tukum.

Last year in the super league, when these teams met, three games ended in a draw with 1:1, but in one game “Liepāja” won with 3:2, which was also superior in the round of 16 finals of the Latvian Cup.

In the main game of the day, “Riga” and “Auda” will start the match at “Mežaparks SV” field at 15:00, the match will be broadcast live on TV4, while at 16:00 “Daugavpils” will host debutants “Grobiņa”/LFS at “Esplanade” stadium. This game will be broadcast live on the website “Sportacentrs.com”.

On Friday, in the first game of the round, “Valmiera” beat the champion RFS with a score of 1:0.

“Jelgava” will host “Tukums 2000″/”Telms” at the end of the round on Sunday.

The Premier League championship with the participation of ten teams takes place in four rounds, with each team playing 36 games. 180 games are expected to be played until November 9.

Last season, RFS became the champion for the second time, which ensured victory only in the last round, winning over “Metta” team with 1:0.


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