Maximilian Mittelstädt in an interview about the national team

Maximilian Mittelstädt in an interview about the national team

Celebration pose: Maximilian Mittelstädt would like to shine more often as a goalscorer at VfB Stuttgart. Image: Picture Alliance

Bundesliga high-flyer Maximilian Mittelstädt on his bumpy football career, the strengths of the surprisingly strong VfB Stuttgart and why, as a left-back, he is not yet a national player.

Mr. Mittelstädt, in articles about you you always read passages like this one from SWR: “When the left-back came from Hertha before the season, he was more associated with middle-class junk (if at all) than with Champions League football . Hardly any observer would have believed him to be of the high standard that he has demonstrated almost every week since then.” Where do you think this opinion comes from?

That probably has something to do with the fact that at Hertha BSC, where I was under contract before VfB Stuttgart, we didn’t have any consistency in our performances for many years, and in general the team didn’t always put in the best performance on the pitch and the football at Hertha maybe wasn’t the most attractive. I wasn’t able to develop the way I wanted either. There were several coaching changes and many other issues. I was used in many different positions, often moving between the starting eleven, the bench and even the stands.


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