Mathys Tel: Overcoming Struggles and Shining Bright at Bayern Munich

Mathys Tel: Overcoming Struggles and Shining Bright at Bayern Munich

“He lost a little bit of his momentum. He is no longer as aggressive, no longer has the absolute mad desire to score. It probably also has something to do with self-confidence. When you succeed so much, when you score so many decisive goals, you may be asking too much of yourself. But in training, he is improving. He scores even more. But this situation is normal for such a young player. We need his carefreeness, and we can’t stop trusting him.” did not fail to remind Thomas Tuchel on the sidelines of the 1-0 defeat against Lazio in the 1/8 final first leg of the Champions League about the young nugget Mathys Tel. The 18-year-old French striker was then going through a more complicated patch with 19 matches in a row without scoring with the Rekordmeister when his coach spoke.

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An unprecedented shortage in the young career of the Rennes-trained striker whose name was mentioned more frequently on the Manchester United side with a view to next season. Less and less used by Thomas Tuchel and more and more annoyed on the field, the native of Sarcelles has completely changed his trajectory during the last matches and presents himself as one of the rare glimmers of the Bavarian team in these difficult times . A decisive passer against Bochum (3-2 defeat), he sparked revolt within an apathetic squad. Very good again at the end of the match against RB Leipzig (2-1 victory) without being involved in a goal, he scored points again and created momentum again. This was rewarded last Friday against Friborg where he started. Taking advantage of the absence of Leroy Sané, he delivered an accomplished performance.

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A goal that changes everything for Mathys Tel

Although Bayern Munich was not hanging on (2-2), Mathys Tel who had been aligned on the right side scored a sublime goal to equalize at 1-1. Enterprising, sharp and inspired, he was one of the rare satisfactions to take from the Munich match. Ending 20 games in a row without shaking the nets, Mathys Tel was over the moon at the end of the game: “I worked a lot there in training also with Thomas (Müller editor’s note) and Harry (Kane editor’s note). I had this opportunity, I shot and I scored. It was important to me.” Invigorated by his goal, Mathys Tel, however, crystallizes the tensions internally. Recently, sporting director Max Eberl affirmed his confidence in the French U21 international: “Mathys Tel is one of the talents we trust. We want him to develop here at Bayern.”

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Thomas Tuchel’s response was straightforward: “I am, was and remain responsible for alignment. On Tel, I don’t see any source of conflict. In my opinion, he has never played as much or as regularly as he has today with us. So I don’t see any conflict.” However, the departure at the end of the season of the German coach reassured the player who feels even more integrated into the Rekordmeister’s project. Scheduled to start for the match against Lazio this Tuesday, Mathys Tel will have a new opportunity to show that the future of Bayern Munich will be even brighter with him.

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