Marco Maddaloni Reveals Economic Reasons for Big Brother Participation and Judo Champion Salary

Marco Maddaloni Reveals Economic Reasons for Big Brother Participation and Judo Champion Salary

After all, he had never hidden it. The choice to go to Big Brother was more linked to an economic reason than anything else. Now, on the pages of Chi, he has given further confirmation of this by also revealing how much the salary he receives as a judo champion would be. This is Marco Maddaloni, judoka but also television personality (Pechino Express, L’Isola dei Famosi, Made in Sud to name a few TV programmes). Here are his words during an interview given to Alfonso Signorini’s weekly magazine.

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Marco Maddaloni and the GF

“Every time I take part in a reality show the only goal is to last as long as possible to earn more”, began Maddaloni. Then he said: “As a sportsman I have the titles but I’m not a footballer and I like the good life. In the sense that I like going out to eat with my wife, I like the idea of ​​my children being in the swimming pool, but since I’m not a footballer… Then I invested the money from the TV in real estate, but there were periods in which I lived in 60 m2 of attic with my three children to rent the rest of the house and have an income” .

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The revelation about money

Then Maddaloni explained: “How much do I earn as a judo champion? Now nothing, before the Island of the Famous I received 1400 euros a month from the penitentiary police. Do you know? I wrote the autobiography, it will be released in April, it’s called ‘All’ soul of the champion’ and the message is that you must never give up. Sport teaches this”, his words to the Chi journalist. Finally he spoke about the possible winner of this edition. Maddaloni felt sorry for Paolo but, having been eliminated, he believes that the winner could be Beatrice. Although she also hypothesizes Giuseppe or Perla: “In terms of votes, I see her as very strong.” Who will win? All that remains is to wait for next Monday.

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