Judo Zamora Shines at Spanish Cup in Valencian Community

Judo Zamora Shines at Spanish Cup in Valencian Community

The Judo Zamora was well represented in the Spanish Cup of the Valencian community, in Alicante, the last scoring cup in this course, with more than 1,300 participants from all over Spain and five countries.

The team made up exclusively of members of the Judo Morales club went there, a very young and inexperienced group, both the cadets and the children.

Noa Vicente, 1st year cadet at -57kg, noticed the change in weight and fell in the second round and did not enter the repechage.

Isabel Fernández in -52kg, competed very well but could not overcome her rival and was left out of the repechage.

Juan Meana, also a 1st year -55kg, did not have his day because they hunted him in a fight and at the end of his participation he said that Juan is always there to be with the best but this time it could not be.

Elena Bahamonde started with triumph until she reached the quarterfinals, beating very strong and favorite judokas, but in the quarterfinal match, with a theoretically more affordable rival, she was scored a wazari with 22 seconds left and she had no time to come back. She entered the repechage and continued on the path to victory, losing the fight that gave her the pass to the fight for bronze. In the end she got a well-deserved seventh place, which comes after very intense weeks with the European Cup and the Spanish Junior Championship in the western sector.

Later it was the turn of the Children.

Sofía Domínguez, a first-year child, entered very nervous and fought tirelessly, managing to be third in her league.

Dimas Bragado and Rodrigo Gil, also in the first year of Infantil and their first Spanish Cup, paid for their inexperience in this type of competitions, both managed to be third in their respective leagues.

Finally, María Bahamonde, in -52kg elite, had a very good championship and was winning rounds until the semifinals. She entered the repechage and was about to get bronze, but she had to settle for a very creditable fifth place, which means points that allow her to enter among the best in the National ranking.

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