Former Czech Football Star Martin Fenin Completes Alcohol Treatment and Looks to Rebuild His Life

Former Czech Football Star Martin Fenin Completes Alcohol Treatment and Looks to Rebuild His Life

František Bílek

Sports reporter

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He experienced great times in Teplice, in Bundesliga Frankfurt and in the national team, but then he fell to the bottom. 36-year-old football player Kovářova (I. A class) Martin Fenin ruined his career with alcohol, which he himself admits. On Thursday, he announced on his private social networks that he had completed three months of treatment in an anti-alcohol clinic. “I want to be a better role model for my daughter than I have been,” he wrote candidly in his statement.

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Martin Fenin, former national team striker | Photo: Deník/František Bílek

In the winter, Fenin exchanged Řeporyje for Kovářov, thus kicking the I. A class of the South Bohemian region. The premiere was a success. On Sunday, the vice-champion of the U20 world helped his new club, which was the last after the autumn, to win 4:2 at the TJ Sokol Mladá Vožice pitch.

Fenin last appeared in professional soccer in autumn 2017 in Varnsdorf. After that, he was often caught in a state that was not sober. For example, on Easter 2018, he was drunk on the Tiki-Taka show. But two years later, he showed his good heart when he helped the elderly and volunteered during the coronavirus.

I’m at the top of the tabloids, laughs Fenin. He trained for the first time in the village

Former teammates Milan Baroš and Tomáš Ujfaluši also recommended treatment. “They helped me understand that seeking professional help doesn’t have to be shameful. They stood by me the whole time!” confided Fenin.

He takes March 28, 2024 as the beginning of a new life chapter. “Since the beginning of the year, the alcohol treatment center in Červený Dvor has been a temporary home for me.” Just on March 28, Fenin finished his treatment. “I take it as my personal Survivor, which helped me clear my head and sort out my priorities. I am determined to go in the right direction!”


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