Choosing the Right Career Path: A Guide for Male Fighters in Dungeon Fighter

1. Overview of career changes for male fighters

In the game “Dungeon Fighter” (DNF), the male fighter is a character full of strength and skills. Job change is crucial to the character’s growth. Different job transfer directions will give the character different fighting styles and Skill characteristics: Male fighters can change their careers into four professions: Qigong Master, Sanda, Street Fighter and Judo Master.

2. Career analysis of career change

1、Qigong master: Qigong masters focus on long-range attacks and are good at using telekinesis and qigong waves to fight. They have powerful group attack capabilities and high mobility, and are powerful supports in the team. For players who like remote output and assistance, Qigong master is a good choice.

2、Sanda: Sanda is famous for its fast and fierce melee attacks, with extremely high single-target output capabilities. They are good at combos and bursts, and can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. For players who like melee output and pursue high damage, Sanda is the best choice. An ideal choice.

3、Street Fighter: Street Fighter is known for its unique fighting skills and trap settings, and is good at controlling enemies in battle. They have a variety of control skills and traps, and can take the initiative in battle. For players who like strategic combat and control, Street Fighter is a Not a bad choice.

4、Judoka: Judokas mainly focus on grabbing and throwing skills, and are good at subduing enemies in melee combat. They have strong control and survivability, and can remain stable in chaotic battles. For players who like melee combat and control, Judokas is an option worth considering.

3. Suggestions on career change selection

When choosing a career change, players should consider it based on their own gaming style and preferences. If you like remote output and assistance, you can choose Qigong Master; if you pursue high damage and melee pleasure, Sanda may be more suitable for you; if you like For strategic combat and enemy control, Street Fighter will be a good choice; and if you love melee combat and stable control, Judoka will be an ideal choice.

Male fighters have a variety of career-changing options in “DNF”. Each career has its own unique fighting style and skill characteristics. Players should make wise choices based on their own preferences and game needs to create a career that best suits them. The character of the heart.

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