The Causes and Treatment of Cauliflower Ear in Contact and Combat Sports

“Cauliflower ear” refers to a deformity in the pinna or outer ear that results from repeated injuries or trauma to the area. This condition is most commonly associated with contact and combat sports, such as wrestling, boxing, judo and rugby. The term for this deformity comes from the inflamed and deformed appearance of the ear.

Cauliflower ear usually occurs due to repeated injuries to the ear, which can cause blood or fluid to build up in the cartilage of the ear. When not treated properly, this fluid can harden and lead to the characteristic deformity.

In contact sports, ear injuries often result from bumps, falls, or constant friction, leading to bruising and eventually cauliflower ear. Athletes who participate in activities where there is constant physical contact to the head and ears are more exposed to this type of injury.

Prevention of cauliflower ear usually involves the use of ear protectors or measures to reduce the risk of injury to the ear. If the condition develops, it can often be treated medically by draining the accumulated fluid before it hardens. In some more severe cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the deformity.

In the case of rugby players, cauliflower ear is most common among those in frontline positions such as props and hooker.

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