Tennis gloss: Save the one-handed backhand!

Tennis gloss: Save the one-handed backhand!

One of the most beautiful things in sport is the one-handed backhand in tennis. So much grace, aesthetics, artistry!

At the beginning a calm backswing, then a steady swing over the front leg, before a maximum of beauty is reached when the upper body is stretched to the limit and the striking arm is stretched over the shoulder while the other arm extends back to the Maintain balance, and the player looks for a moment like an ancient statue.

Noble simplicity, quiet greatness, something like that can only be achieved by artists, especially Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka, Grigor Dimitrow, Richard Gasquet. But alas, all beauty is fleeting. The artisans, with their two-handed backhand, which is easier to learn and master, have adopted the regime.

When the new world rankings are published on Monday and Stefanos Tsitsipas has fallen out of the top ten, for the first time since the ATP rankings were introduced in 1973, no player with a one-handed backhand will be in the top ten.

David Lindenfeld, Melbourne Published/Updated: Recommendations: 1 David Lindenfeld, Melbourne Published/Updated: Recommendations: 4 Thomas Klemm, New York Published/Updated: Recommendations: 5

A shame. Coaches and talents, commit to beauty, don’t gamble away the future and save the one-handed backhand! It is part of the intangible cultural heritage that urgently needs to be preserved. We don’t want to become the last generation.


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