Spar Girona deflates in the second half (50-60)

Spar Girona deflates in the second half (50-60)

The return to the holidays is always slow and cumbersome, but against your will you have to get up early, you don’t remember where you left the work frog and you have many matters that need answering. Fontajau experienced this feeling for a large part of the match. The first period is the test (10-5).

The importance of the match has taken its toll. Many unforced errors by both teams, many attempted assists in committed situations which were expendable, and even foul shots near the basket.

Spar Girona wanted to win from the defense. However, the players of Roberto Iñiguez they were very clear about what the game plan was and how they had to beat their opponent, defending. And, yes, they have, but it hasn’t been enough.

Magalí Mendy has been the star of the team. The French player has been responsible for putting the brakes on one of the most important players of the visiting team, the Matarona Mariona Ortiz. During the first twenty minutes of the match Casademont Zaragoza he scored only three baskets in the game. A 22 to 10 which made the fans enjoy the good defenses.

During the half-time, the presentation of the Girona Uni Laia Palau Basketball base took place, which filled the court with all the girls who defend this shield. The president of Básquet Girona, Marc Gasol, was present at the event, who has received a tribute due to the announcement of his retirement from professional basketball a few weeks ago.

A working day is usually eight hours long and a basketball game is usually played for at least 40 minutes. Casademont Zaragoza, one of the most powerful teams in the competition, would not give up for having had a gray first half. new game

The same team that had scored twenty points in twenty minutes, he was able to score 21 in 10 minutes. Mariona Ortiz bravely took advantage of the minutes that Mendy was not there. 9 points in a single period to lead her teammates. The visitors had overcome their fears and won the third period 15 to 21. The match was close.

The day was coming to an end and the important moments of the game were coming. Casademont Zaragoza’s zonal defense made it very difficult for Girona to circulate the ball. In addition, the players of Carlos Cantero they found success the more they needed it. The visitors connected one triple after another. From 37 to 51 they went from 44 to 49 of which 12 of the 14 points were triples. Three by Petra Holesinka. The lack of success during the match has conditioned Roberto Iñiguez’s players who have seen how the game was taken away by the visitors who played a great second half (28-50) turning the score around.

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