Roberto Iñiguez: “We are close to being the team we want, but we must persevere.”

Roberto Iñiguez: “We are close to being the team we want, but we must persevere.”

Uni Girona’s pace is dizzying. After the great victory against Galatasaray (77-64) in the first duel of the quarter-finals of the Eurocup, tomorrow (12:00, Canal FEB) they face Hozono Global Jairis.

The coach of Spar Girona has explained how Rebekah Gardner is doing and how the team has accommodated the serious injury of the American international: “The personal situation with Rebekah is obviously difficult, it has been confirmed that the Achilles tear is total. It is in the hands of the club to analyze what is the best way to recover from the injury. And it also affects the team, because she is an important player for us, who, in addition, came from a year without playing and it is a strong shock.”

Nevertheless, Roberto Iñiguez wanted to be positive: “It should serve us to unite more and be stronger as a team and for all the players to take a step forward. Selfishly, seeing this sports space that Rebekah leaves to be able to take advantage of it having the thought of; I have more space, I’m going to take a step forward. We have to approach it that way.”

In addition, it has been incisive in the awareness of the team, being very aware that once the windows are over there will be little rest. This is how he explained it: “We already knew that once we returned to the competition there was no stopping it and, eI explained to them that we are close to the team we want to be, but that we must persevere. Above all, that any defeat does not give us the strength we need.”

Regarding a possible replacement for Rebekah, the coach has been very clear: We will only sign a player who fits our philosophy and our way of thinking. We will sign if we find the right profile, we don’t want vampires or aliens or people who steal our energy.

On the other hand, Marta Canella could compete again very soon. The Basque leader has explained: I am optimistic and I would like him to come on the trip to Istanbul (referring to the second leg of the Eurocup against Galatasaray). It remains to be seen how it develops next week. I can’t say it’s 100% playable, but I do think we can do the same procedure we did with Irati. If everything goes really well and goes the way we want it to go, I could come to Istanbul.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s match, Roberto Iñiguez has only had words of respect for the opponent. With a streak of three consecutive victories, they have entered the places that give access to the Play-Off, being their goal of the season. The set trained by Anna Montañana this 2024 has a record of four wins and three losses, being the three losses against teams in the upper part of the classification.

The Basque manager has explained what the keys to the match are: “They are a very strong team at home, they have a coach who works very well. It is a team with several defensive systems and, which has a squad very good. We are very concerned about having our game rhythm, the two shooters and, the defensive rebound with Diarra, Bishop and Nelson, but mainly, we are concerned about having control over the rhythm of the game.

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