Rekindled something hidden in the ash

Rekindled something hidden in the ash

Dino Meneghin talks about himself on Tuttosport, and also gets to the relationship with his son Andrea, also touched upon in the documentary dedicated to him.

“Yes, there was too much talk about it. I wasn’t there, he suffered from it. I thought it was right to clarify for everyone. I owed it to him. Over time we got closer and created a good relationship. The national team was important. At least for me. The golden age of Paris 1999”

“There was something hidden in the ash, we lit it again. Andrea was an extraordinary player, unfortunately his career was limited by hip problems. He was also a very good coach-instructor of young people, fantastic in relationships. But he wanted to dedicate himself to his two daughters who try every sport. One plays volleyball”

2024-02-14 10:38:59
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