NBA 2023/2024: How to Watch Live Games on ProSieben MAXX, Joyn, and

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Follow the NBA 2023/2024 live and free on stream and on free TV. Experience the NBA stars on German television and also in the live stream – all information here!

ProSieben and ProSieben MAXX show more than 50 NBA Regular Season Games as well as other matches in the playoffs and finals live and exclusively on German free TV.

At ran The games run regularly in prime time on Saturday and Sunday evenings and at the same time live on, in the ran app and on Joyn.

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NBA live on ProSieben MAXX, Joyn and The next games

Sunday, February 18, 1:55 a.m.:
NBA All Star: Skills Game live on ProSieben MAXX, Joyn, and in the ran app (to the live stream)

Sunday, February 25th, 01:45 p.m.:
Orlando Magic at Detroit Pistons live on ProSieben MAXX, Joyn, and in the ran app

Sunday, February 25th, 21st:00 p.m.:
LA Lakers at Phoenix Suns live on ProSieben MAXX, Joyn, and in the ran app

More about the NBA

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NBA live broadcast: This is how you receive ProSieben MAXX

ProSieben MAXX is a free-to-air German TV channel. If it doesn’t appear in your program list yet, you need to start a channel search.

All NBA teams at a glance

The NBA consists of a total of 30 teams. The franchises are divided into two conferences with three divisions each. You can find an overview and all squads here!

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The NBA champions of the past years

  • 2022/23: Denver Nuggets
  • 2021/22: Golden State Warriors
  • 2020/21: Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2019/20: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2018/19: Toronto Raptors
  • 2017/18: Golden State Warriors
  • 2016/17: Golden State Warriors
  • 2015/16: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2014/15: Golden State Warriors
  • 2013/14: San Antonio Spurs

The German stars in the NBA

You can find a gallery with all German NBA stars and their situations with their teams here!

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