Motor sportsman Kārlis Reišulis will start the race at the Sommières track in France this weekend

Latvian motor sportsman Kārlis Alberts Reišulis will start the racing season this weekend with a race at the Sommier circuit in France, reports the Latvian Motorsport Federation (LaMSF).

This season, the Latvian motor sportsman, who is riding as part of the “VRT Yamaha” unit, is currently staying in France with the team and is preparing for the motocross competition, which will take place this weekend at the Somjiera track, reports LaMSF.

As already reported, Latvia’s current best motorcycle athlete Pauls Jonass, as well as Mairis Pumpurs and Rauls Blumfelds, will also compete in this competition.

“Usually, a week before the competition, I do three training sessions with a motorcycle, the other days are running, cycling or gymnastics,” says the eldest of the Reišuli brothers about his training plan. “Every day is a workout.”

He notes that he has settled into the team well, even though he has just joined it, and already feels like one of his own.

“It immediately gives additional motivation, and it is much easier to cooperate with the team. We are like one big family here,” says the athlete.

This year, Reišulis, together with his brother Jānis Mārtiņas Reišulis, will compete in the ranks of the “VRT Yamaha” unit in the 250 cubic centimeter class (EMX250) of the European Motocross Championship.

“The plan is still to ride a stage of the French championship, if it happens. Perhaps a stage of the world championship in the MX2 class, but we will decide on that together with the team,” Reišulis says about the plans.

He expresses his hope that he will come out to compete in one of the stages of the Latvian championship, and he is looking forward to the first stages of the European championship.

The brothers were in France for a week at the beginning of December, when they got to know the management of the new team, the mechanics and tried out the new “Yamaha” brand motorcycles.

After returning from France, the brothers continued physical training in the gym, but during the school Christmas holidays they went to a motorsport camp in Spain.

Last season, 15-year-old J.Reišulis became the champion in the EMX125 class and world junior vice-champion in this class, while 18-year-old K.Reišulis, not competing in all races, was eighth in the EMX250 class.

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