MLB Expansion Buzz: Potential for Two New Franchises and $4 Billion in Fees

According to sources close to Major League Baseball, the league is preparing for the inevitable addition of two new franchises, which could generate more than $4 billion in expansion fees. While there are no solid expansion plans, the possibility of a nine-figure financial boost for each existing team has generated renewed interest and discussion. However, sources indicate that expansion is unlikely until the early 2030s.

Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Nashville…

Last year, a specific news story started a debate about Major League Baseball (MLB) expanding to new cities. A group in Salt Lake City, including a former owner of the Utah Jazz, has launched a campaign to land an MLB expansion team.

Over the past decade, the discussion about expanding cities has been ongoing, considering several factors including market size, population growth, existing sports infrastructure and local support. A previous analysis evaluated cities with expansion potential based on these criteria, narrowing the list to viable contenders such as Salt Lake City, Portland, Nashville and Montreal.

Montreal instead of Tampa

However, it is increasingly clear that not all cities are equally enthusiastic about the idea of ​​hosting an MLB team. Some cities may enter the competition late, while others are actively seeking opportunities to bring professional baseball to their communities. Additionally, the Tampa Bay Rays are at risk of relocation, with Montreal emerging as a possible new home if efforts to secure a new stadium in the Tampa area fail. For Montreal, the prospect of landing an expansion team depends on the fate of the Rays, as the city has shown little interest in pursuing an expansion franchise independently. While moving the Rays to Montreal may temporarily increase attendance, the team’s long-term viability remains uncertain.

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By contrast, cities like Nashville are actively campaigning for an MLB team backed by local investors and community support. Led by former Major League pitcher Dave Stewart, efforts to bring baseball to Nashville have gained momentum, with plans for a new stadium and a proposed name for the team, the Nashville Stars.

The choice between expansion and relocation is becoming increasingly complicated, with considerations ranging from market dynamics to geographic location. While larger markets like Salt Lake City offer growth potential, smaller cities like Nashville boast passionate fan bases and a strong sense of community. It remains to be seen which cities will ultimately be chosen for expansion or relocation, but the conversation will continue in the coming months.

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