Iván Marcone Speaks at Press Conference Ahead of Classic Against Racing: ‘We Want to Win It’

A few days before the duel against Racing, the captain of Rojo spoke at a press conference and the match palpitated.

Hours after hearing Carlos Tevez’s words in Villa Dominico, Iván Marcone gave a press conference in the Professional Leaguewhere Gabriel Arias was also present representing the eternal rival.

The Independiente footballer analyzed the team’s present and maintained that “He arrives at a good time and with great enthusiasm to win the game,” although he also clarified that “The classics are always separate games and taken in another way” In that sense, he added: “It is a very important game and we take it as such. “We have prepared for the classic, we want to win it”

Regarding his individual performance, Marcone analyzed: “I think I arrived at a good time and that is also part of the team. When the team collectively finds functioning and regularity, it is much easier to raise the level of individuality and feel fulfilled. I really want to play this game, enjoy it and get a home victory. I feel very good and I know that it is due to the effort and sacrifice that one makes in each training session and that later it pays off.”

Furthermore, the team leader spoke about Gabi Milito’s recent statementswho assured that this Independent “plays with his heart”: “These are very nice words from a coach and a former player who is very important to the history of Independiente and who in my case represents me. Your words fill us with pride and nourish us in this process we are experiencing. This is how he said it, today the team is playing with the spirit that Carlos implements and we are very happy with the moment we are going through.” express.

“Among all the madness that a classic generates, you always have to try to enjoy it. For my part, I expected a lot to be in Independiente and today I try to enjoy it day by day. This happens quickly. We always try to enjoy it with professionalism and the corresponding seriousness. If we don’t do it now, when will it be? We want to do it in the best way and we hope that everything turns out well,” Marcone said about the importance of the classic.

On the other hand, the captain also spoke about the solidity of Independiente’s midfield. “I believe that good returns are momentary and we must always try to take advantage of them. Today Carlos found a solidity in the midfield that must be made the most of, but it does not mean that it will always be like this, it can be changed. Today they are some of the best performances and we are going to try to continue along those lines.”

Finally, he commented: We are a very united and close group.. The older ones always try to be close and support the younger ones. They are kids who can sometimes make mistakes, it happened to me too, but you try to teach them and accompany them as long as they are kids who are predisposed to want to learn and listen to the older ones. We give a lot of importance to them because they are the future of the team, but there is nothing to dramatize, but to accompany them so that they regain that trust again.”

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