Germans want to conquer frustration

Germans want to conquer frustration

A cleansing thunderstorm would probably be the last thing the organizers of the Biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto needed right now. Although the rain finally let up on Monday afternoon, work began on the route, which had to be filled with more snow from the inexhaustible depot after the completely rainy Sunday.

It is not known whether there was a real bang in the team accommodation of the German Ski Association (DSV) in the small town of Tri Studne (Three Springs). Sports director Felix Bitterling announced on Sunday evening that everything should be turned inside out. He wanted to keep internal information to himself the day after.

He already said that after the first week of the World Cup, which ended without a medal for the Germans, there was a big discussion with everyone involved – coaches, athletes and ski technicians: “Everyone was able to say what was bothering them, which he is perhaps a little afraid of in view of the next few days. That was very good and very open.”

“Five times in no man’s land”

There was a lot of need for discussion after the first five competitions in the Czech Republic, in which the DSV only achieved fifth place in the mixed relay and two sixth places for Franziska Preuß. The skis didn’t go as hoped, and at the shooting range, the men in particular lost their chances of better placings. Vanessa Voigt felt that she had “reached the earth” after finishing 18th in the sprint and 15th in the pursuit.

After the persecution, Johannes Kühn’s “legs hurt” after he had “trumped up under the bridge in no man’s land just five times.” When thinking about the upcoming individual race, he said: “I hope I recover by Wednesday, because I have to go up there again five times.” Anticipation sounds different.

It is now important “that everyone presses the reset button and everyone trusts each other,” emphasized Bitterling. “That’s the only way we can get it done.” He didn’t sound desperate, because the team still has fresh talent in its back pocket. The DSV has nominated six women and six men each for the World Cup. Since there are only four starting places for each team per race (with the exception of the Norwegians, who have six athletes in the top ten of the overall World Cup as well as the current world champion in their ranks), rotation must be made.

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There are seven races left until Sunday, the first with the women’s individual this Tuesday (5.10 p.m. on ARD and Eurosport). Then Selina Grotian will make her World Cup debut. The five-time junior world champion has already gained experience in the World Cup this season, but did not get past 21st place.

Although she has shown her running strength a few times, she has just not yet been able to combine it with an equally good shooting performance, said Bitterling, but he is confident: “Nove Mesto would not be a bad place to bring that together.”


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