Calzona new coach of Napoli, how will he play? 4-3-3, pressing and building from the bottom: what we know

Calzona new coach of Napoli, how will he play?  4-3-3, pressing and building from the bottom: what we know

He himself provided the technical sheet after the historic qualification for the European Championship with Slovakia: «I have never been a fundamentalist, but my teams play football». Francesco Calzona he will do the same as well Napoli: he will dust off the principles of play which are also his own – high reaggression and construction from the bottom, to begin with – but without ever forgetting attention to the defensive phase. He was in charge of the movements of the line, when he was the deputy of Maurizio Sarri from 2015 to 2018 in the period of great beauty that came close to winning the championship despite 91 points. Then the paths between him and the current Lazio coach diverged.


Francesco Calzona, the new Napoli coach would remain coach of Slovakia: here are the previous double roles in football

Calzona was first in Cagliari with By Francescothen in 2021-2022 he was called by Luciano Spalletti back to Naples on his staff. Just one season, then he decided to try the adventure of being a first-time coach which he had refused in the past. He accepted the proposal Marek Hamsik, which arrived while he was at a petrol station refueling. «After ten minutes, I had no doubts and I accepted», Calzona later explained.

Hamsik will follow him to Naples and it will be a very welcome return: he was a blue flag for 12 years, from 2007 to 2009. He no longer has the crest but the same determination to be the protagonist in a new role. Calzona’s staff also includes another former Napoli player, Paolo De Matteis, who was team manager.

How will Calzona’s Napoli play?

Calzona knows the environment and almost all the players perfectly: it is likely that he will play with the 4-3-3 so dear to this group. Lobotka will obviously be his point of reference, as happens with the Slovak national team.


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