Basketball: the Blues are a hit and dominate Puerto Rico with a 48-point lead

Basketball: the Blues are a hit and dominate Puerto Rico with a 48-point lead

We should not draw too hasty conclusions about the potential of the French women’s team just over 5 months before its entry into the Olympic tournament. Her first match of the year in China where FIBA, the international federation, had the funny idea of ​​registering her for a TQO even though she was already qualified, was a walk.

In Xi’an, Les Bleues’ opponent on February 8 was far too weak. The girls of Jean Aimé Toupane won with 48 points and a lead which went beyond singles to doubles: 88-40. Easy, too easy. “France is one of the best teams in the world, we knew that before kick-off” reacted the helpless Puerto Rican coach after the final whistle. All the French players took part in the party: Marine Johannes scored 17 points, Gabby Williams 11 and the new phenomenon of the Bleues, Dominique Malonga honored one of her first selections with 8 points.

So far, so good. “We had a serious match with a big and very good job in defense,” said Jean Aimé Toupane. “It was a serious match and defensively, we performed well,” rejoices Marine Johannes. We took a good first step in this tournament. Whatever we think of it, it is interesting even if we are a little tired because of the time difference (+7). It allows us to be among ourselves and to prepare ourselves well for what awaits us in a few months. »

Before that, this TQO for butter on the blue side will continue Saturday morning, at 9:30 a.m. It will be against China, at the time of the Chinese New Year in a city of 10 million inhabitants. It will be another pair of rounds against the world vice-champions, who will qualify for the Games and whom the Blues will inevitably find on their road next summer. “China is among the top two or three teams in the world and playing China in China is even tougher. We will try to play with the same bases by relying on a defense as effective as today (Thursday)” hopes Toupane. On Saturday, the other match of the tournament will pit Puerto Rico against New Zealand and the winner will also qualify for Paris since only one selection out of the four entered in Xi’an will not make the trip to France.


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