Andriy Lunin Shines as Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper in Victory over Leipzig

Andriy Lunin Shines as Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper in Victory over Leipzig

Andriy Lunin was, with permission of Brahim, the other great protagonist of the victory of Real Madrid and Leipzig. The Ukrainian finished the game with 9 stops, a figure that had not been reached since 9 Courtois in his historic performance before the Liverpool in the final in Paris.

And things had not started well, with a goal after two minutes. A not very brilliant start ended with a shot from the front and a goal from Sesko with a header that was annulled due to an alleged positional offside by Henrichs. since he pushes the Madrid goalkeeper in the small area and therefore intervenes in the play. But the goalkeeper recovered despite the early blow and ended up putting in a great performance, in 90 minutes that summarizes his adventure for Real Madrid.

This was Lunin’s stellar performance against Leizpig

Because we should not forget that Lunin has been a punching bag almost since he arrived at the White House. He did not play for Leganés on loan, only five games and five goals, in Valladolid he did not even get between the posts and only in Oviedo the loan worked, although with 20 goals in 20 games. His signing was put into doubt with these figures and not even the most optimistic thought then that Madrid was now going to be in his hands.

Back to Madrid, a single game in 20-21, four in 21-22, twelve in 22-23 with 13 goals against… but in this one he already has 17 games in the middle of the campaign with 13 goals against.

It was first Courtois’s injury and then Kepa’s, who came as a substitute for the Belgian, that caused Lunin’s life in Madrid to take a radical turn. The Ukrainian responded without the Chelsea goalkeeper and despite the fact that Ancelotti did not want to close the debate and alternated the two goalkeepers, Since 2014 started, Ancelotti had already decided who his first goalkeeper was. He said he would decide after the Christmas break and that was the case, although he was not so sincere in the press room.

Ready for 2024

The Krasnohrad goalkeeper has convinced Ancelotti and of course the person who spends the most time at his side, Luis Llopis, who conveyed all his confidence in him and prepared him thoroughly knowing that he had his chance with the start of 2024. For Kepa, without a doubt, this decision affects him, given that everything points to a return to Chelsea, although his idea was always to earn a place in Madrid for the next few years, and his participation in the Euro Cup is undoubtedly in jeopardy. It remains to be seen what role Ancelotti will leave him now, but without the Copa del Rey it seems that he doesn’t have many cartridges left. In the League he has only taken Lunin’s place in two of the last twelve League games and has already been a substitute in the last four. The Champions League was the only unknown to be revealed and Carletto has already decided and on top of that the Ukrainian has responded.

One less problem for Ancelotti

The topic of goalkeeping had become an uncomfortable debate at Real Madrid. Ancelotti unintentionally found that every day his decision on who was going to occupy the goal was a hot issue. The coach handled it naturally and even announced normally who was going to be the goalkeeper. However, the fact that Lunin prevailed settles a debate that was beginning to become uncomfortable, although he has resolved it masterfully.

For Lunin everything has changed although Courtois’s return is already close. He is not ruled out even for a hypothetical Champions League quarter-final. But the Ukrainian, who had decided to leave the white club last year, does not now rule out a renewal of his contract. If he decided to leave with the Belgian’s return, his current role in Madrid puts him in a much more advantageous position, with a much more interesting letter of introduction than months ago.

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