“A huge challenge to take up”: before Spain-France in the League of Nations, the Blues are moving forward ambitiously

“A huge challenge to take up”: before Spain-France in the League of Nations, the Blues are moving forward ambitiously

The French team did not come to Andalusia for nothing and makes it known. Beyond Hervé Renard’s morning jogging on the banks of the Guadalquivir, in full preparation for the marathon, the coach and his players came to win a title. The Nations League against the Spanish world champions, a trophy which would be the first in the history of this selection. And Eugénie Le Sommer, present at a press conference this Tuesday alongside her coach, affirms: “For me, the team that wins is European champion. »

Have you been playing on the mental aspect since Friday’s semi-final?

HERVÉ RENARD. The first thing is that you have to be happy to be there. It’s a chance to be there, whatever competition we compete in. It’s a bit of a special moment for this French women’s team. You have to savor and know that you never put off until tomorrow what you can do the same day. You have to have confidence in yourself.

What is your recipe for beating Spain?

EUGENIE LE SOMMER. I’m not going to give the answer. They won the World Cup in a way. We analyzed this team, our match against Germany. We have a lot of resources. We know what we can do. Spain has very good players, including Aitana Bonmati. She’s the Ballon d’Or, the best player in the world. Spain has a collective, above all. But it’s up to us to focus.

HR Possession is good when it is effective. Against Italy, Spain had 70% possession but it was Italy who won (3-2, during the 5th day of the Nations League). The important thing is the winner. Spain were deserved world champions. She played the most beautiful football. That it is titled is justice. It’s a team that scores a lot of goals. But she also takes a lot. We will have to play on these flaws. If we have to summarize, the team has more strengths than weaknesses. You mentioned Aitana but it is above all a strong collective in transition.

It’s neither a World Cup nor the Olympic Games. Is this competition really important to you?

ELS I consider it an important competition. People may still have a hard time processing what it is. But it’s an important title. The team that wins is for me European champion. We understand the importance of winning this title tomorrow.

Do you feel the team is more liberated since Friday and this qualification for the final?

ELS More liberated, I don’t know. I felt joy, pride. This is the first final for the French team, we know that. We came to win. Passing this semi-final brings us a little closer to the goal. I feel confident. There has been a lot of talk about this glass ceiling. But I don’t care. I don’t feel like it weighs on us. The youth teams have won a lot. There is no reason why we can’t achieve it with the A’s. Many nations are chasing titles. There is only one winner in the end. Until we get ours, we won’t give up.

Do you take this match as a test before the Olympic Games?

HR We are aware of facing the first team in the world in the Fifa ranking, world champion. This is a huge challenge to take on. We prefer to take it up rather than be in front of the TV. Let’s believe it. In this type of match, it comes down to details, tactical rigor. You will have to be focused on all phases of the game. We play for this adrenaline. When it’s there, you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Is it a bit like Lyon-Barcelona?

ELS It’s true that this team has a lot of Barcelona players. It will be a different match though. There is a mix of clubs. But the style is the same. That of Lyon and Les Bleues. That of Barça and Spain. I don’t really know what to expect. If I have to think back to the matches against Barcelona, ​​I have to know how to be patient, to accept having less of the ball. Football is a sport where you have to win, no matter how.

With your French perspective, what do you think of the progression of women’s football in Spain?

ELS This is a difficult question because we ourselves are trying to fill our stadium at home. We managed to break a non-World Cup record but we would like even more people. For Spain, it’s a bit the same. I don’t have the answer but we must promote this football, inspire young girls. The audience is more family-oriented. We have to make sure to bring people in, increase resources, promote posters.

HR I have a slightly different perspective. Things are progressing. Perhaps they are not progressing at the rate that the players and federations would like things to progress. Means are being implemented. The fact is that Spain are world champions. I am sure there will be support for this team. Marketing, communication, attractive stadiums… It’s all part of the package.


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