Ukrainian Tennis Star Marta Kostyuk Reveals 2024 Goals

Ukrainian Tennis Star Marta Kostyuk Reveals 2024 Goals

Although she has not yet achieved any great results in her career, Marta Kostyuk continues to walk with the spotlight behind her at every start of the season. In this interview she reveals what her wishes are to fulfill in 2024.

The 21 years of Marta Kostyuk They are not entirely real. Her role as a child prodigy is still remembered in the Open the Australia, where he reached the third round of the main draw when he was only 15 years old. A lot of time has passed since then and the Ukrainian has been burning through certain stages, so we currently have her close to the top 40 and with a title in her pocket. Special achievements but they do not quench the thirst of the kyiv player, who dreams of much higher challenges.

“Sometimes I think it is very important to look back and relive in your head all the good moments, especially those that were so different from the others,” he explains in an interview conducted for the Australian Open official website in reference to that tournament signed in 2018. “It doesn’t mean that it was better or worse, it was simply a different moment and there is a lot to take away from it. They were very exciting moments, very overwhelming, but also very happy. There are times in your life when you feel like you are at your peak, that’s how I felt those years. Being this confident is a pleasant feeling, although I don’t think you should feel that way all the time… I don’t think it’s possible either,” says the current No. 41 in the WTA ranking.

That was the launching pad for Marta, although it was only fulfilled at the media level. To see it translated into results, we had to wait until 2023, where he finally managed to take the necessary step in terms of regularity, which led him to reach his best ranking in the month of August (#32) and win his first official title in February (Austin). Her identity card says that she has still been on her for 21 years, an age where most would agree to be where the Ukrainian is right now, although it all depends on each person’s perspective and projection.

“I felt like I needed all these things to show myself that I really belong where I am right now, because I had always been a promising player, or a good player, but I had never been able to win an individual title,” adds the woman who this week dispute the Adelaida’s WTA 500. “At that moment it was difficult to evaluate where I was, that victory was a kind of confirmation that I was moving in the right direction. Now I am very curious to know how I am going to feel when I start winning big titles, it is a pressure that I have not gone through before where each player manages as best they can”, he imagines out loud.


With the help of her mother, Talina, who has always been helping her since she started playing, in addition to the incorporation last year of a second voice in Sandra Zaniewska, Kostyuk’s horizon is glimpsed with the necessary ingredients to continue evolving towards a new dimension. At the beginning of what represents her seventh season in professionalism, the Ukrainian player is not afraid to publicly point out where her most desired goals are. It will be the maturity that she gives you having gathered her experience, the team and even a wedding celebrated last November with her current husband.

“I am in a different moment in my life, I feel different off the court and on it. I really don’t know what this year will be like for me, I hope it will be very good. I’ve been on the circuit for several years now, I really feel that way and I hope that I can finally do something different, stopping being that young tennis player who promises to be a star,” she confesses after having won two of the three matches played so far in this 2024. “I no longer feel so much pressure, I don’t care about being top40, top60 or top80, since The difference is made when you reach the top10. That’s where I would like to place myself, to test if I can be as consistent and not just be a moment player. I really want to live that pressure and that experience,” she concludes.

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