Two hospitalizations in three weeks: what happened to former PSG player Ezequiel Lavezzi in Argentina?

” It’s hard. But I have to do it, I have to reorient my life, my habits. And I have to do all this for my son. » On the air of the television channel El Trece, on January 16, Argentine journalist Matias Vazquez read the content of a conversation between Ezequiel Lavezzi (38 years old) and a relative. Ten days earlier, the former Napoli (2007-2012) and PSG (2012-2016) striker had been hospitalized at the Dharma clinic in Buenos Aires. A recognized establishment, specialized in psychiatry and rehabilitation, where several Argentinian stars, such as the musician Charly Garcia, have already visited. He would be kept there in almost total isolation, without television and deprived of his telephone except for a few hours a day. Only a handful of relatives are allowed to visit him.


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