The Uncertain Future of Johannes Geis: Will He Stay at FCN or Find a New Club?

What’s next for Johannes Geis (30)?

In the first half of the season, the six-man team only played 211 minutes in 20 competitive games. As BILD reported, the veteran is therefore considering leaving during the winter break, despite his contract running until 2025.

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Source: Sportdigital January 11, 2024

Geis now to BILD: “As a footballer, you’re always thinking about it. There are so many scenarios. At the moment I feel comfortable here and I’m concentrating on preparation. I will decide what happens in the end with my advisor. A transfer is always a little more difficult in winter.”

And for the father of the family, everything would have to be right if he were to change: “I come from the region. Not only my wife, daughter and I, but also my parents and in-laws live here. In five years, the club has of course grown on me. You don’t immediately say yes when club XY comes. I won’t be playing football for that long, so the steps have to be carefully considered.”

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But where could Geis go? As BILD reported, there has so far been nothing suitable among the specific inquiries from abroad. Rapid Vienna recently thought about Geis, but a transfer to former club coach Robert Klauß (39/2020 to 2022) is no longer an issue. There is loose interest from two or three clubs in the second division. According to BILD information, Geis is being discussed internally at Hertha BSC, among others. It cannot be ruled out that something will happen before the transfer deadline on February 1st.

If not, Geis will be encouraged by the last game of the first half of the season against HSV (0:2). The long-term reservist made a strong comeback to the starting eleven – after four and a half months!

Geis: “Since I had a similar, albeit much worse, situation at Schalke, I can deal with it well. For me it was nice to play against HSV right from the start and also play a decent game. That gave me a lot of self-confidence for the winter break.”

Will this really change his situation at FCN? The first winter test on Wednesday against Bruges (0:3) could have been a pointer. In the 135-minute game, Geis was only allowed to play in the last of three rounds.

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