The Uncertain Future of Betis Basketball Amid Investigation of YOX Holding

Las doubts about the future of Betis Basketball They increase day by day due to the information that comes from Mexico, where the authorities are investigating the possible fraud of YOX Holding, one of the companies of the conglomerate that he directs. Carlos Lazo and that it is the owner of the equipment after the agreement signed with Betis in October.

The fact is that the viability for this course could even be up in the air, although the squad has been paid normally this month. At the moment there is peace of mind and the support provided by the Heliopolitan club, which would have to face all the expenses if the Mexican group fails to comply, ensures that it will finish this campaign, with the future further up in the air because the green and white entity does not want to put more of one euro that is minimally necessary to maintain the heartbeat of basketball in the city, something that they say they saved one day and that is now in a state of uncertainty without Ángel Haro, president of the club, or Ramón Alarcón, CEO of Betis and who was smiling in October posing next to Lazo, say not a word about everything that is happening with the Aztec owner.

As for news, the latest that comes from Mexico is that Carlos Lazo processed an amparo to avoid being arrested after having paid 25,000 pesos. In this way, the signed document stipulates that they cannot be imposed either precautionary measures that imply the deprivation of liberty. In any case, given the failure to pay YOX Holding’s investors, the authorities began actions to secure the assets of its main shareholders such as Carlos Lazoto ensure payments.

In sports, the news is not encouraging either. The Reds of the Mexican Professional American Football League (LFA) released a statement (on Instagram) in which they resign from the 2024 season, a championship that will begin in the month of March. In any case, the league also announced that it ensures the continuity of the team this season, so it remains to be seen what the outcome is.

According to Mexican media, the firm had approximately 50,000 investorsespecially from Jalisco, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Querétaro, Aguascalientes and Mexico City

Furthermore, according to La Voz que Querétaro, the XOY-owned basketball team, Libertadores, could be left out of the 2024 season for non-payments which has been incurred. The economic situation will be evaluated at the next LNBP assembly that was to be held between January 18 and 19, although no information has yet been released.

And what does Betis say?

For now at Betis, silence is the answer, waiting to see how events unfold. The staff has been paid normally this month and sources from XOY They indicated at the beginning of January that the season’s budget was secured.

The Heliopolitan club signed the sale of the basketball section to the XOY group in October, although the negotiations had been practically closed for longer. The agreement required maintaining the name, colors and emblems of Betis for 10 years and it ensured a minimum investment per season by XOY and at the time it did not comply, the team would return under the umbrella of the Benito Villamarín entity.

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