The first women’s five-a-side football meeting in Modica

The first women’s five-a-side football meeting in Modica

The PGS Provincial Committee of Ragusa communicates theofficial start of the Women’s 5-a-side football seasonwhich will begin Sunday 21 January at the Sportmania Sports Center in Modica.

A novelty of the 2023-2024 sports season, which saw several members of the committee actively involved together with the clubs that will take part in the first meeting on Sunday. Several teams came from the province and also two from outside the province. The girls are ready to take to the field to experience an exciting and competitive season.

Women’s football has been gaining more and more popularity and membership in recent times and Provincial Committee of the Salesian Youth Sports Clubs of Ragusa is determined to promote and support the development of this sport in the Hyblaean area.

The opening day will be characterized by exciting and enthralling matches. They will take the field: ASD Fair Play Comiso, ASD Futsal Ragusa, ASD Sportispica Marcomonaco, ASD Vittoria Football Club, ASD Game Sport Ragusa and from outside the province and Associations from other territories.

“As a provincial committee – underlines Alessandro Giannì, provincial president – ​​we are preparing to live a new experience that fully falls within our mission. For us, the promotion of youth sport is the main objective, a strong educational means that we have always aimed for. Today, women’s football is enjoying great success, and we want to give the Associations and their Athletes the opportunity to compete and compete, offering our well-organized and structured organizational structure on the territory, at Regional, National and beyond level. I thank all the members of the Provincial Committee with whom we wanted to focus on this activity, in particular our technical director Raffaele Giurdanella and the provincial councilor Federico Campo who worked with Game Sport of Ragusa with commitment and enthusiasm”.

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