“Small and petty opportunism”: what Karim Benzema’s complaint against Gérald Darmanin contains

“Small and petty opportunism”: what Karim Benzema’s complaint against Gérald Darmanin contains

As promised, the French and world football star filed a complaint for defamation this Tuesday against the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. A legal response in which the attacker denounces in depth and virulence the “instrumentalization”, of which he believes he was the victim on the CNews set on October 16.

That evening, Gérald Darmanin accused him live of having a “notorious link” with the Muslim Brotherhood organization, without providing any proof. What he did not do more in the weeks that followed, despite the media and political excitement in a context marked by the emerging war between Israel and Hamas terrorists, suspected of being financed by other movements like the one born in Egypt.

VIDEO. Karim Benzema files a complaint against Gérald Darmanin, who accuses him of being “linked” with the Muslim Brotherhood

In his complaint written by Me Viguier, and which we were able to consult in full, Karim Benzema specifically criticizes the minister for making “inaccurate and more likely false accusations, but in any case made on purpose”.

The ex-Real Madrid player denounces the “indecent hypocrisy” of a minister who, on the one hand, casts shame on a footballer without pointing out, on the other, the attitude of the Qatari government “whose proximity to the Muslim Brotherhood (and many leaders of Qatar) is indeed notorious in this case. »

“Symbol” in spite of himself

He sees it as a “small, petty, self-centered political opportunism and indifferent to the consequences and in particular to the divisions it causes where we urgently need harmony and humility to help achieve peaceful solutions. »

Very discreet in the media, Karim Benzema takes the time here to give his thoughts on his anything but fluid relationship with his native country and some of its “elites. » He considers himself an ideal target because he is seen as “a kind of symbol” of the “youth of the cities, seen as immigrants, Muslims, hostile to France and anti-Semitic”. A label that he rejects and in which “we lock (him) up and for a long time. » “To attack me is, in the minds of many, to attack these young people who are seen in an undifferentiated manner and as objects of hatred. »

He also took the opportunity to regret, at the start of the armed conflict in the Middle East, “the little room for compassion towards Palestinian civilians” in the Western world. A way to justify his message in tribute to the Gazan people on his Instagram account.

Morano, Boyer and Zemmour also pinned

In this charge, Darmanin is not the only politician criticized. The 2022 Ballon d’or also wants to settle scores with other right-wing figures who have taken over on TV and radio sets. Nadine Morano first, who had described him as “paper French”, an expression of “terrible violence”, according to him.

But also Valérie Boyer who proposed to strip him of his nationality, in the event of proof of his links with the Brotherhood movement. Or even Éric Zemmour, and his “statements bordering on obscurantism from Mr. Zemmour making a direct link between me and the murderer of the heinous attack in Arras”.

Without the initial intervention of Gérald Darmanin, Benzema assures that he would not have suffered this “outburst of violence”. Finally, he accuses the tenant of Place Beauvau of having practiced “odious blackmail” by offering to withdraw his comments if the athlete “tweeted” to “also mourn” the death of French teacher Dominique Bernard, murdered in Arras on October 13 .

What does Darmanin risk?

If found guilty, Gérald Darmanin faces a fine of up to 12,000 euros. In the event of the opening of a judicial investigation and an indictment, he will be judged by the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR). It is the only jurisdiction empowered to judge ministers in the exercise of their function.

The former mayor of Tourcoing did not react publicly to this complaint. In October, the Interior Minister’s office explained that “for several years, we have noted a slow drift in Karim Benzema’s positions towards a hard, rigorous Islam, characteristic of the Brotherhood ideology consisting of disseminating Islamic norms in different areas of society, particularly in sport. » He pointed to a series of facts as clues but no tangible proof.

This is not the first time that Karim Benzema has sued individuals for defamation on this subject. In 2022, he filed a complaint against far-right activist Damien Rieu, former member of the National Rally and now a member of Reconquête, Éric Zemmour’s party. An acquittal was issued a year later. The native of Bron (Rhône) decided to appeal.


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