Reflections on the 2024 Australian Open: Jannik Sinner and Aryna Sabalenka Crowned Champions

Reflections on the 2024 Australian Open: Jannik Sinner and Aryna Sabalenka Crowned Champions

The 2024 Australian Open is now history and the echoes of everything that happened will last in our minds and hearts for a long time. Jannik Sinner and Aryna Sabalenka leave Melbourne with a title under their arms, but many other issues deserve to be assessed in detail, due to the future implications they may have.

Each Grand Slam tournament is special and offers a series of emotions that are difficult to compare to any other sporting event, but this Open the Australia 2024 It has been special for many reasons. Some of them may be the recurrence of five-set matches, equaling a historical record, another the ability to Aryna Sabalenka to revalidate his crown and, of course, the premiere of the record in this type of tournaments Jannik Sinnerwho was not only able to dethrone the eternal king of Australia, as is Novak Djokovic, but also to materialize all that potential that he has been polishing with care and daily dedication for years. We analyze in detail everything that the first Grand Slam of the year has given.

1. Jannik Sinner shows that he is destined to make history

Absolutely unforgettable what the young Italian has done, who at 21 years old has reached a remarkable level of maturity and was able to overwhelm all his rivals, until in the semifinals and final, he showed his growing tactical intelligence. Beating Djokovic in Australia is a memorable feat, but the way he did it even more so, let alone overcoming a two-sets-to-zero deficit against Medvedev in the grand final.

2. Daniil Medvedev, a star player who will get the prize he deserves

The Russian should not be discouraged by the painful defeats in Grand Slam finals. If he has shown anything in this tournament, it is that he has a capacity for physical and mental resistance only achievable by a privileged few, and his tennis resources are increasingly broader and more effective. If he continues to work as usual, his place in the elite is not in jeopardy and he will obtain more Grand Slam titles.

3. Novak Djokovic is human

At some point there had to be a defeat in a designated tournament and the alarms cannot be set off by losing in the semifinals against Sinner. The Serbian did not show his best tennis at almost any point in the tournament and used his legendary intangibles to win five matches, before being surpassed by Jannik. He will come back stronger or, at the very least, he will continue to create opportunities to expand his record.

4. Carlos Alcaraz, need to rearm and continue improving

An emergence as precocious and meteoric as that of the Murcian is difficult to sustain, especially in a player of his style and personality. Having reached the quarterfinals is nothing to sneeze at for a player who had a bad finish last season and who must continue working to make his confidence less volatile and his tennis more consistent. You need to have a plan B for when things don’t go perfectly. Competing on mediocre days and being able to beat the best in the world in that context is what will give you the leap that seems predestined.

5. Alexander Zverev, the only candidate to overshadow the current Big 4

The gap between Djokovic, Alcaraz, Medvedev, Sinner and the rest of the players is enormous. This is attested to by the ATP ranking, but also by the sensations that have been experienced on the circuit for a long time. The only link between this Big 4 and the rest of the players seems to be Zverev, who has shown very good tennis in this event and seems ready to continue knocking on the door of the big titles. Tsitsipas and Rune disappointed, and little more can be asked for from the rest.

6. Aryna Sabalenka, power with control is unapproachable

It is difficult not to put yourself in the place of your opponents and feel as your own that helplessness that will invade the vast majority when they see the lioness of women’s tennis punishing them again and again mercilessly with her high-voltage tennis. The Belarusian has improved a lot in emotional management and tactical intelligence, making her someone very difficult to beat on hard courts.

7. Qinwen Zheng, the gestation of a star

This Chinese player will give a lot to talk about. We were all waiting for her to break out this season and, at just 21 years old, being able to take advantage of an open draw and reach the final of a Grand Slam is a clear endorsement of her chances of success. She has room for improvement and a willingness to progress.

8. Worrying accidents in two of the three firm alternatives to the Belarusian

It seems that there are only three women capable of beating Sabalenka if she is feeling well. Two of them were notably disappointing with early defeats and a feeling of inconsistency that was not expected from them, as is the case of Swiatek and Rybakina. The balance must be much more positive for Cori Gauff, who was able to compete head-to-head with Aryna and shows increasing reliability against rivals smaller than her.

9. Ukraine can be proud of its players

The revolution of Dayana Yastremska and the impressive role of Marta Kostyk add to the good level of play displayed by Elina Svitolina who was separated from a potential path that was more than interesting for her due to a physical problem. For a nation at war and with millions of exiles, having three tennis players capable of bringing joy and vindicating the national cause throughout the world is very important.

10. Paula Badosa offers illusionist green shoots

Winning two games in his return to the field after a very serious injury is something that deserves to be valued. Very positive feelings for the Spanish player, who seems eager for glory and willing to work hard to recover the best version of herself. What we experienced in Melbourne is a great starting point.

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