Paolo Guerrero: Will He Join Lima Alliance or University?

LIMA ALLIANCE OR UNIVERSITY? At 40 years old, Paolo Guerrero would finally be ready to make his professional debut in Peruvian football, but not wearing the ‘blue and white’ with which he trained as a footballer, much less the ‘cream’ shirt, but the orange of the César Vallejo University, which It is preparing to give the big surprise this 2024 and ruin the centenary of the ‘U’.

Paolo Guerrero, shortly after defining his future, which club will he go to?

According to information from RPP, the Trujillo team has already contacted Guerrero’s entourage to check if the arrival of the Peruvian national team’s scorer to the team led by Roberto Mosquera is possible.

The task will not be easy, since the ‘Predator’ has indicated on more than one occasion that in Peru he would only play for Alianza, in addition to the fact that he would have to be convinced to move with his family to that city, but the Acuña, owners of Vallejo , they trust in their economic power to make a proposal according to the magnitude of the player.

Let us remember that Vallejo has already incorporated this season the former captains of Universitario and Alianza Lima, José Carvallo and Josepmir Ballón, in addition to other players with proven experience in the local environment such as Nilson Loyola, Cristian Benavente, Johan Madrid, Óscar Barreto, Gerson Barreto and Alec Deneumostier.


It should be remembered that, after he left Quito’s LDU, many expected Guerrero to return to Alianza Lima, but the club ruled him out because he did not fit into the plans of Colombian coach Alejandro Restrepo. “Within the restructuring, we have decided together with the technical command and the club, to have a profile of footballers. Within the structure of the squad that we think about for this year, Paolo Guerrero is not there,” said the ‘blue and white’ football director, Bruno Marioni.

Days later, in a conversation with actor Jesús Alzamora, Paolo said that the only time Alianza made him a proposal was in 2022, when he was injured after passing through Avaí. “The only proposal that came to me was when I was recovering. A manager told me: ‘Paolo, you do physiotherapy here and we will recover you.’ I told him that I had a long way to go to be well. “That was the only proposal,” he assured.

In recent weeks there was also talk of interest from Fortaleza de Brazil and there were even rumors of a possible rapprochement with Universitario, but finally it seems that his future could be in Trujillo.

Paolo Guerrero unknown bitter moment with Alianza Lima (Video: La Lengua)


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