Novara Judo Center: Achievements and Impact on the Community

Novara – On Saturday 16 December at the gym of the Jigoro Kano association in Turin, exams were held for technical teachers with the qualification of “aspiring coaches”. The Novara color bearers were Giulia Anchisi and the very young Zoe Sirica. At the Novara Judo Center there is celebration once again, after the five black belts obtained in November, for yet another goal achieved which sees its athletes reaching goals both at a competitive level at the national and international level and in technical training. At a competitive level, the Novara judo center participated in 18 away games, obtaining 15 gold medals, including 3 first overall during the qualifications of the Italian championships, 15 silver medals and 25 bronze medals. For the umpteenth year we participated in a final for the medal of the Italian championships, we had an athlete of national interest and finally with the youth sector he resumed pre-competitive youth activities. Maestro Flavio Vestali takes stock of the situation over the past year: “it is important above all for our kids, to recognize their abilities, their results, capitalize on the steps forward but also those backwards, see where we are going and above all deciding where you want to go. Among our strengths, added the coach, are the constant presence in the area, and the careful knowledge of the social fabric to which is added a close bond of collaboration with the Municipality of Novara” .

Meanwhile, a letter sent by Maddalena warmed the hearts of the company’s managers and technicians, which we report: “Centro Judo Novara is not a sports club. Centro Judo Novara is a community. A group of people who meet day after day to do what they have in common, Judo. I have to admit that when I started, in 2018, it was only because my sister did it, it was easy for my parents to make us do the same sport, so that they didn’t have to accompany us around the city on alternate days. I didn’t like it very much, I was far behind kids my age, I lacked athletic training and skills. Seeing much younger children manage to achieve goals that I dreamed of with binoculars gave me such a sense of sadness that I wondered more than once why I was still there. Then there was covid and everything stopped. No belt exam, no competitions and no training. Just assigned exercises to do at home. Then 2021 arrived and everything started again, only that in the meantime something had changed in me, this time it was I who had chosen to return, to start again. Because, perhaps not many people know, but judo comes from two main ideograms: Ju and Do. If Ju means easy or soft in martial arts, with Do, a totally different concept is introduced, that of the Way. Because Judo does not want to be just a way to fight ‘easily’ without getting hurt. Judo is a path to life through a positive note, Judo teaches you that you need to look for the good, ‘ease’, in your relationship with others both on and off the tatami. And I understood it there, I finally realized it. Obviously I wasn’t fully aware of it, I understood it as one can understand such a concept in the first year of high school. But I started to take everything more calmly, I learned that you can learn something from the first to the last member of the team. Because that’s what we are, a team, even though at school they teach that martial arts are a single sport, only those who experience it from the inside know that this is not the case. And today, when I can’t go to judo as much as I would like, I miss it, if once a week I don’t go to that place so steeped in memories, I’m sad. And I don’t think I could do any other sport, I would miss all my teammates and my techniques. I would miss my very powerful ukigoshi, the speeded up ippon, the fight on the ground, Maya’s spontaneity, Marco’s pats on the back, Mattheu’s smiles, Aristid’s “thanks” at the end of each randori, Simone’s determination , the absurd jokes of Samuele, Lorenzo and Omar, Zoe’s advice, the laughter of the little ones and my coach, one of the people I respect most in the world, Flavio. So to the question, what does Centro Judo Novara represent for you? I answer hands down, home“.

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