Nîmes Archers Shine in International Tournament: Recurve and Compound Success

The member of the Arc club of Nîmes took fourth place in recurve arch. She was beaten in the small final. For the boys, Jean-Charles Valladont was eliminated in the round of 16 and Baptiste Addis in the round of 16.

More than a thousand archers took part last weekend in the international indoor tournament organized in Nîmes. In this Olympic year, it was the first official outing of the France group, within which there are one Nîmes and two Nîmes.

The Nîmese, in fact, is the one who did the most in the game. Indeed, Victoria Sebastian took fourth place in recurve. Eliminated in the semi-final by the future winner, the Spaniard Elia Canales, she lost in the small final against the German Kroppers.

The Provençal Girard in bronze in compound arch

Among the men, if they logically left the qualifications, Jean-Charles Valladont and Baptiste Addis stopped prematurely. The first named was eliminated in the round of 32. The second, who reached the final last year, was released in the eighth not without having eliminated the French number 1, Clermontois Chirault in the 16th. In this category, it was the Israeli Roy Dror who put his name on the list after winning the under-21 event last year.

In compound arch, the only French medal of the weekend went to Nicolas Girard. The Provençal took third place by beating the Slovenian Tim Jevnik in the small final. The victory went to the Dutchman Mike Schloesser. In the women’s category, Colombian Alejandra Usquiano won the event.

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