José Mourinho Considering Offer from Saudi Club Al-Shabab After AS Roma Firing

José Mourinho is in the interest of the Saudi Al-Shabab, as the usually well-established Gianluca Di Marzio reported on Friday afternoon. The Portuguese trainer was fired by AS Roma last week, but has the opportunity to quickly return to work in professional football.

Al-Shabab is eleventh in the Saudi league and is desperately looking for a new head coach. Mourinho is in the picture for this position, who, according to Di Marzio, is considering the offer from the club from Saudi Arabia. A transfer is not yet concretely on the agenda, because negotiations still have to take place about the conditions and contract duration. In addition, Mourinho has another competitor for this vacancy in Dejan Stankovic.

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The Portuguese trainer will currently take the time to consider whether he wants to return to work the day after his dismissal from AS Roma. If the coach wants that and he quickly signs with the Saudi club, then an extremely spicy match awaits. Al-Shabab will take on AS Roma in a friendly match on January 24, where Daniele de Rossi has taken over from Mourinho.


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