Joel Embiid’s Monumental 70-Point Game Raises Questions about Tony Parker’s Legacy

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Author of a monumental success against San Antonio, Joel Embiid has been on everyone’s lips since. However, his 70-point match also provided ammunition to the detractors of a certain Tony Parker, after the Frenchman’s recent controversial comments…

For a long time, scoring 70 points or more in a match had become extremely rare. Between Kobe Bryant’s 81 units in 2006 and Devin Booker’s monumental success, no less than eleven years had passed. But for some time it seems that it is no longer so difficult, Damian Lillard and Donovan Mitchell thus reaching this XXL mark during the last season.

Not long ago, for sure Joel Embiid who joined the 70 club with his absolute masterclass against Spurs. Author of a sublime 24/41 shooting in particular, the reigning MVP literally tore the defense of Victor Wembanyama and his teammates to pieces. But if his very high level performance of course earned him praise, it was also a source of great criticism for… Tony Parker, on the French side.

TP caught up with his words after the carnage of Joel Embiid

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If the Hall of Famer was slashed like this, it’s because he declared some time ago that he was convinced he could score 70 points in the current league. A statement which was greatly disturbing since the Frenchman never exceeded the 55 unit mark during his career. And scoring so many points in a single match is always easier said than done…

Could Tony Parker score 70 points in one game? We’ll never know and it’s ultimately not very important. Concerning Joel Embiid, however, it is all the more impressive since he is only the third all-time interior to achieve this.

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