Jersey Ceremony Celebrates Basketball Legend Per Günther’s Career

Jersey Ceremony Celebrates Basketball Legend Per Günther’s Career

Six under the hall roof!

During Ratiopharm Ulm’s game against Tigers Tübingen on Sunday (6 p.m., Dyn live), something historic happens: For the first time, the champions pull a jersey under the ceiling of the arena.

This honors Per Günther (35), whose number 6 will never be awarded again.

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The 65-time national player was under contract with Ulm from 2008 to 2022 and played exactly 500 BBL games. He scored 4,499 points and 1,556 assists. He was runner-up twice with Ulm and cup runner-up twice. And he was a father twice in Ulm, his two sons were born here.

Günther was allowed to choose the game for the jersey ceremony; he chose the derby against Tübingen.

For the game, Dyn (broadcasts all Easycredit BBL games) asked Günther’s old companions for anecdotes from their careers and lives.

And many have delivered. A three-minute clip was created from the video messages.

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This includes, among other things…

► Bogdan Radosavljevic (30): “Malle two years ago… where we – Alex, David, you and me – went off the coast in this small inflatable boat and almost sank because we were too heavy. And you took off your shoes and tried to get the water out of the little dinghy. So that we all don’t perish.”

The tongue is reminiscent of Michael Jordan: Per Günther

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► Bastian Doreth (34): “After a few delicious drinks – maybe there were a few more – you shot your ankle on the dance floor so badly that you couldn’t continue partying. Well, that’s not entirely true. You couldn’t dance anymore. You continued to celebrate sitting down with a thick ice pack…”

Anecdotes about Per Günther: Almost drowned in a rubber dinghy

► Philipp Schwethelm (34): “Suddenly something flew past me. And I said ‘What was that?’ – and then I look up the steps and see two Adilettes standing there. Then I turn around the other way and see you lying on the floor. With your hair standing on end. Somehow the ATM in Azerbaijan must have given you an electric shock when you inserted the card. I fondly remember the flying Per Günther!”

► Karsten Tadda (35): “I have him to thank for my first barista course.”

Video emerged of basketball legend almost drowning

Which: DYN 01/26/2024

► Dominik Bahiense de Mello (38): “The last evening when we went out and you thought ‘This is all a bit too boring for me, I’m going to start lighting up a bit’… Long story short – it resulted in the legendary sentence ‘Yes, I admit it, I pooped in a jug’.”

► World champion Daniel Theis (31) can also be seen. However, he doesn’t give an anecdote, but rather reads off a prepared statement.

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