Italian Indoor Para-Archery Championship: A Recap of the Winners and Highlights

It ended at the Pala Igor di Novara the 37th Italian Indoor Para-Archery Championship organized by Cameri archers with the assignment of the absolute Italian individual and team titles. The final day of the event saw most of the blue archers on the shooting line who were busy racing towards Paris 2024. The national teams can already set their sights towards Dubai where, from 2 to 7 March, the outdoor competition valid for qualification for the Paralympic Games will be held where theItalia will try to replenish the excellent haul of 7 passes obtained in 2023.

In the women’s compound, excellent performance by Giulia Pesci (GSPD) who scores her fifth overall Italian title, surpassing her national teammate and outgoing champion Eleonora Sarti (GSPD). The match between the two national teams ends 144-141. Taking the bronze is Maria Andrea Virgilio (Fiamme Azzurre) surpassing 142-139 Irene Picci (Padovan Archers).

Compared to last year’s men’s final, the performers are the same, but the final result has been reversed. This time he won Paolo Cancelli (Arcieri Alpignano) overcoming the defending champion and reigning world champion Matteo Bonacina (Arcieri delle Alpi) with a match without hesitations that earned the final 144-141 and the fourth overall indoor title. Third place for Massimo Migailo (Arcieri Padovani) who narrowly surpassed Christian Seneca (Kosmos Rovereto) 142-141.

VISUALLY IMPAIRED – In the Visually Impaired 1 category (blind) Matteo Panariello (Arcieri Livornesi) passed with authority Loredana Ruisi (Archers of the Castello di Peschiera Borromeo) 6-0: the world champion, who yesterday had also improved the Italian record for 60 arrows, won the 3rd overall tricolor after those won in 2018 and 2019. Third place was earned by was Maria Salaries (Pol. Poggibonsese) in the challenge with Barbara Contini (Arcieri San Bernardo) resolved the play-off 6-5 (6-0).

The final for the Visually Impaired 2/3 gold (visually impaired) was also determined by a shoot-off: the European champion obtained the Italian title, third in a row and fifth in total. Daniele Piran (Arco Club Bolzano Vicentino) who managed to turn the match against his national teammate Giovanni Maria Vaccaro (Dyamond Archery Palermo). The Sicilian athlete was unable to close the match in the fifth set when he could have Piranha he took advantage of this by winning the play-off 6-5 (9-8). Bronze medal for Michele Bisecchi (Arcieri Ugo di Toscana) who passed 6-0 Ivan Nesossi (Archers of the Peschiera Borromeo Castle).

W1 – Great satisfaction for Asia Pellizzari (Arcieri del Castello) who earned the second overall tricolor in her career by taking the scepter away from the outgoing champion Dayla Dameno (Pol. Disabili Valcamonica), going on to win the match 139-134. The Venetian archer had also improved the Italian record on 15 arrows by scoring 142 points in the semi-final won against Stefania Giacometti (Pol. Disabili Valcamonica) who then won the bronze 85-23 against Chiara Alberti (BUT).

Championship to be framed for Paolo Tonon (Arcieri del Castello) who obtains the second consecutive Italian title after having improved the world record on 60 arrows yesterday and having won the class title: the Italian won the overall gold by overcoming in the final Daniele Cassiani (GSPD) 144-141 with a very smooth test. Third place for Fabio Luca Azzolini (Archers of the Signoria) who gets the better of Gabriele Ferrandi (Aurora Archers) by 140-111.

OPEN RECURVED – Return to being queen in women’s recurve Elisabetta Mijno (Arcieri delle Alpi) who manages to take the title away from the defending champion Enza Petrilli (Fiamme Oro) thanks to a 7-3 which also brings them the eleventh indoor tricolor from 2010 to today, i.e. since Fitarco manages the Italian Paralympic championships under its direct aegis, following the memorandum of understanding signed with the Committee Italian Paralympic. Bronze medal for Veronica Floreno (GSPD) won 7-1 in the final against Roberta Tempone (La Fenice Archers Viggiano).

Per Stefano Travisani (GSPD) is the second consecutive indoor success. The blue passed Giuseppe Verzini (Arcieri Cormons) 6-0 taking advantage of a few too many mistakes made by his national teammate, who was unable to return to the match after the first two sets. The home athlete earned third place Roberto Airoldi (Arcieri Cameri) beating 6-4 Filippo Dolfi (Archers Hugh of Tuscany).

TEAM TITLES – The Italian doubles titles were held only for men. The winner of the tricolor in the compound open was La Disabled Pol. Valcamonica (Lebrino, Torri) who narrowly and at the last minute surpassed the duo of Kentron Dard Archers (Coluccini, Perna) 142-141. Third place for PHB Pol. Bergamasca (Bellini, Schieda) winning over Padua archers (Migailo, Saccoman) 134-104. In the open recurve the event’s organizing company celebrates: gli Cameri archers (Airoldi, Garavaglia) have in fact beaten the Dyamond Archery Palermo (Campolo, Lisotta) 5-3. Earning third place are the Archers Hugh of Tuscany (Condrò, Dolfi), winners 6-2 over Padua archers (Girardi, Tondello).

In W1 the final was a play-off, rewarding the Lazio team Blue Arrows (Panella, Sorato) who have surpassed the Archers of the Lordship (Azzolini, Cassiani) 147-147 (18-17). (U.S. Fitarco)

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