Getxo Athlete of the Year 2023: Who Will Win?

Thursday, January 4, 2024, 2:02 p.m. | Updated 4:53 p.m.


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Next Tuesday we will find out who was the best Getxo athlete in 2023. The winner will be announced at the ‘Getxo Sasoi Sasoian’ gala, which will be held at the marina terminal of the Sports Port and the XVII. The candidates for this edition’s award are Eunate Etxebarria, judoka from the Getxo Judo Club; Jonathan Castroviejo, INEOS Grenadiers team rider; Irene Pera, swimmer of the Getxo Swimming Club; and Bosco Vilallonga, a field hockey player from Real Club Jolaseta.

The jury, made up of Getxo Sports technicians and Getxo journalists and experts in the field of sports, will recognize all these athletes with the ‘Getxo Sasoi Sasoian’ award, after which it will be decided who is the best athlete of last year. In this way, in the main individual prizes, Eunate Etxebarria will be awarded for obtaining the first place in the Spanish Absolute Championship, the Spanish Junior Super Cup and the European Junior Cup and for qualifying second in the Spanish Junior Championship, among other titles. Regarding the rider Jonathan Castroviejo, it is worth mentioning his sixth victory in the Spanish Time Trial Championship. As for the awards for athletes in the Promesa category, on the other hand, Irene Pera achieved the Spanish record in her class, in the 50 meter backstroke modality and the bronze medal in the Spanish Junior Championship; and, thanks to them, he received the call of the Spanish national team. The hockey player Bosco Vilallonga, after a good season with Jolaseta Club, was called up by the Spanish under-21 team for the IV of Nations in Dusseldorf. To play in the tournament, and got a bronze medal.

In the team awards, this year the women’s 4x team of the Raspas Rowing Association, made up of Esther Briz, Virginia Diaz, Izaskun Etxaniz and Maialen Mielgo, will receive the award for first place in the Spanish Championship. In the promise category, prizes for the following: Jolaseta Klub’s field hockey children’s team, for achieving a double victory in the Basque and Spanish championships, and Getxo Rugby’s under-14 men’s team, for winning the League and the championships of Bizkaia and the Basque Country.

The list of winners of this edition will be completed with special awards: ‘Marka Hautsiz’ will be given to the hockey player Xabier Martin; ‘Sports’ to sports journalist Jonkar Rey; ‘Getxo Revertuz’ will be received by the Getxo Swim Camp club; Broker Sports company ‘Getxo Zabala’; The Etorki Mendi Trail tests organized by the Mountain Group “Strengthening Equality”; and, finally, Carlos Ruiz the ‘Pioneers’ award for his career in the football teams Athletic Club and Barcelona’s RCD Espanyol, among others.

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