First in pizza city Naples: restaurant starts selling controversial Hawaii pizza | Food and drink

First in pizza city Naples: restaurant starts selling controversial Hawaii pizza |  Food and drink

Jan 04, 2024 at 1:22 pm

Gino Sorbillo, a pizzaiolo (pizza baker) from Naples, has started selling pineapple pizzas in his restaurant. The daisy with pineapple costs 7 euros and is received with mixed feelings in the Italian city.

Pizza Hawaiian, as pizza with pineapple is usually called, is controversial worldwide. Proponents and opponents discuss the court. According to opponents, pineapple does not belong on a pizza. A few years ago, Icelandic President Gudni Thorlacius Jóhannesson even said that he would have banned the court in his country if he had the power to do so.

Sorbillo’s restaurant is located in Naples’ most famous pizza street, Via dei Tribunali. Naples is considered the birthplace of the round dough dish.

It is not about an ‘ordinary’ pizza, Sorbillo tells CNN. There is no tomato sauce on it. “Two fruits that are both sour don’t make for a good product. Instead, I use three smoked cheeses. That changes the pizza, making it taste different,” says Sorbillo.

The pizza base is topped with a local cow’s milk cheese, pre-fried pineapple, basil and extra virgin olive oil. When the pizza comes out of the oven, Sorbillo sprinkles two types of smoked cheese on top.

Good combinations ensure tasty dishes

The pizza with pineapple is not positively received by everyone in Italy. Sorbillo’s restaurant was discussed on national TV and the pizza chef was blasted on social media.

Sorbillo thinks this is unnecessary. “Why do people feel offended?” he counters CNN. “No one is forcing you to buy it.”

The pizza chef likes his new creation. According to him, combinations are important in dishes. “If you bring good ingredients together, it will be delicious.”

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