Fate and Fortitude: Marta Kostyuk’s Road to Breaking Her Grand Slam Ceiling

Fate and Fortitude: Marta Kostyuk’s Road to Breaking Her Grand Slam Ceiling

Fate has wanted Marta Kostyuk to break her Grand Slam ceiling in the same place she debuted six years ago. The Ukrainian confesses that without the war in her country she would not have been able to mature so much in such a short time.

The lower part of the women’s team Open the Australia 2024 He shows us a big name in his quarterfinal round. Names like Gauff, Sabalenka or Krejcikova. However, an unexpected guest has slipped in among them: Marta Kostyuk. No matter how much talent she has always had, the Ukrainian is not one of those who started in the first final with the candidacy of doing something serious in this tournament, but a kind key has allowed her to advance rounds until signing the best participation of her career in a Grand Slam tournament. Last morning, after beating Maria Timofeeva, her name slipped into the top eight for the first time in an event of this category.

“It was definitely a very good performance, I played very aggressively, that’s how I would always like to play,” he said at a press conference after leaving the Russian out of the draw. “It was a good match, she stayed true to her style, but I knew that she had to be there, she had to be very solid. “I’m very happy about that, and the match ended very quickly, so I will have time to prepare for the next one,” celebrated the current world No. 37.

Her fourth consecutive victory pushes her to break her Grand Slam ceiling, an achievement that she had been pursuing for a long time, without forgetting that on her personal record she is still 21 years old. “It’s a great feeling, I’ve worked very hard for it, so I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve always been trying to find the good things, to do the right things, so I’m very happy that everything is working out now. I just want to move forward,” said the woman from kyiv.

Curiously, the team wanted two other Ukrainians to advance to the round of 16, confirming the power they would have become if the war had not broken out. “This shows that there are no limits for human beings, that we can withstand stress and everything that happens around us. It has been very difficult for me, but it also helped me grow as a person, mature faster. If the war had never come, I don’t think I would have been able to grow as much as I did,” Kostyuk surprises with a brave and mature speech.

“What I never did was take it as a burden, ask myself why this was happening to me, I never played the victim, even though this position would have been very normal,” adds the Ukrainian. “Each person experienced this event in their own way, but the more you can minimize that feeling of victimhood, the easier it will be to continue living your life. I am very proud of all Ukrainians for standing up at all times, for not losing faith and continuing to fight for our rights. “All this shows how strong we are as a people,” emphasizes the former junior champion of the Australian Open in 2017, before reaching the third round of the professional draw a year later.

“Many things have changed in these last six years, I feel like it was like another different life. There have been many changes, but I always say that change is good, that means that I will never stay in one place, it does not matter if you take that step in the right or wrong direction, the good thing is to maintain the changes. So far I would say that it has been a hellish journey, it has been a long time, so I am happy to still stay fresh,” says Marta about the evolution of her career.


It is clear that the story of her life will always be linked to the past, from her junior stage to her continuous allegations against the war and all those players who carry the Russian or Belarusian flag. However, Kostyuk no longer has time to lose focus on the present, which is why he is looking forward to his next exam in Melbourne. It will be one of the most complicated, a clash in the quarterfinals with Cori Gauff, a tennis player who at the time surpassed the precocity records of the kyiv native.

“She arrived on the tour at the same time as me, in fact, she did very well the year after I arrived, reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon and third at the US Open. Despite being two years younger, she hatched a year after me. Having both been on the tour for the same amount of time, Coco has achieved much more than me, that is evident,” she states bluntly. “Coco is young, but she has a lot of experience in competition. She is very fast, she has a great serve, a very solid backhand, plus she is coming off defending her crown in Auckland, so she will be in great shape. It will be an exciting match where I have nothing to lose, I am in my first Grand Slam quarterfinal and she is top 5 in the world. I just want to go out and be aggressive, continue enjoying this journey,” she concludes.

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