Aryna Sabalenka Opens Up About Her Australian Open Win and Career Growth

Aryna Sabalenka Opens Up About Her Australian Open Win and Career Growth

After watching her defend her throne at the Australian Open, it’s days of reading and hearing a lot about Aryna Sabalenka. The player herself has opened up in her last interview, where she points out what have been the reasons for her growth.

Aryna Sabalenka He repeated the steps he walked in Melbourne from a year ago. The day after she emerged champion of the Open the Australiathe Minsk player gave us her usual pose with the trophy, this time with a less folkloric dress than the one in 2023. With a smile that was impossible to extinguish, the Belarusian also attended the WTA to comment on a couple of recurring themes after a victory as important as this one. Regarding her status on the circuit, the value of having a great team or the evolution of her personality off the court, Aryna responds to everything that is proposed to her.

One hit wonder‘, a fear removed

“It’s very sad that people call a Grand Slam champion this way, but of course it was in my head for a while, I didn’t want to be a Grand Slam champion just once. I am super happy to have been able to win two titles in the category, although I really hope to be able to continue building my tennis, continue improving and, with a little luck, winning.”

Your team, key to the leap in quality

“I love my team, I really think they are the best. After any victory, or after each title, they are immediately thinking about what we can improve to continue building my tennis and continue evolving. I think this is essential to stay up there, to never stop improving yourself. Of course there is time to enjoy the triumphs, but everything is based on the balance of enjoying it and leaving it in the past, starting as soon as possible to prepare for the next tournaments. If you have the right people with you it is not difficult to balance it.”

Evolution as a person

“Now I am much more open, I am happy to have been able to build some friendships, like with Paula (Badosa). Before I was more introverted, I was afraid to open up to people, but now I am happy to have a friend like Paula, I love this girl, we are very similar. It’s not that I don’t respect people now, but before I used to respect them more than recommended. I am proud of understanding myself better, of having that self-control, everyone has seen it. However, this is complicated when you are such an emotional person, it requires very hard work to put it on the court.”

The pose… and the dress

“I had a couple of dresses in my luggage, I’m happy to have my agent’s wife by my side, she is taking care of my style right now, so after considering some options we chose this one. Last year’s dress was very iconic, I don’t know if we have maintained the same level, but right now I don’t have these things in my head either. In the end it’s the same as always, we have to look at a lot of options and then see which one is the most beautiful, which one fits us best.”

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