Ancelotti also renews his faith in the Real Madrid of metamorphoses: “We are not going to sign another central defender”

There is no coach who understands Real Madrid better and there won’t be one in the short term. Carlo Ancelotti He is deeply Madrid fan, although he recognizes his wish to have retired in Brazil.. His renewal until 2026 was a reward for the trust he shows in a squad that has suffered all kinds of metamorphosis in the first round.

Injuries have changed his drawing, but not the effectiveness of his approaches. That blind faith in available resourceswhich has only caused him to fall once (against Atlético) in the first half of the season, will continue until the final consequences.

Vinicius, Carvajal and Arda Güler return

Despite the long-term injuries of Militao and Alaba, which would shake any structure, Carletto was firm in his first intervention of the year, also the first after his renewal. “Right now We do not contemplate another center. We are missing two very important players, but we have two players in whom we also trust a lot: Nacho and Rüdiger. Tchouaméni and Carvajal can do well in an emergency,” explained the Italian coach, able to convince the most skeptical of his positional changes.

All, despite the public rebellion shown by players like Rodrygo or Camavinga, dissatisfied with their conversions to forward or winger, respectively. But these departures from the script are already understood within the Socratic dialogue that Ancelotti maintains with a core where the reply strengthens. Consider that the worst is already over. Yes, the future in the form of injuries, with a scary calendar, does not close the door to the infirmary. However, Carletto has relativized the problems.

Even more so, because Carvajal, Vinicius and Arda Güler will return against Mallorca (Wednesday, 7:15 p.m.). “We cannot compare the status of the three players. Güler’s absence is longer. Carvajal is going to play from the beginning and I have not yet decided with Vinicius. I have to talk about it with the player and with the doctors. In training he has shown that he is very good,” said the Italian, who does not want to accelerate the pace with the Turkish player.

“I don’t know if Brazil will want me in 2026”

He has not yet made his debut and at the time he acknowledged the frustration he suffered due to relapses: “He is very young, he has all the time to play with us. If I can give him minutes, he will have them. Otherwise, in another game.” The most urgent task has already been resolved, which was his renewal for what he says will be his last bench. Although he does not hide his sarcasm when asked if he is talking about the last bench of clubs or national teams.

“I don’t know if Brazil will want me in 2026, I don’t know. I don’t know if they are happy with my decision,” he joked. Or not. Because as he himself said, “everyone knows that I had contacts with Ednaldo Rodrigues, who was president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (he was dismissed by Justice when irregularities were found in his election). That made me feel very honored, although He knew that everything depended on the situation I had with Real Madrid. Let this be clear to everyone.”

Renovations? “Endrick is very good”

To dispel the doubts and the relationship that once existed with Latin America, “I want this to be clear to everyone: I appreciate the love, but in the end things have been as I have always wanted: to stay here“. The future of certain players with whom Real Madrid will have to face all the remains within its reach is still to be decided. “There are those whose contracts are ending, but they themselves must choose them. Kroos, Nacho, Modric… The future is already outlined, there are not many things to do. “It seems like it’s too soon,” he defended.

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As if everything was written, even if it is sold in a thousand chapters to feed the novel on the market. “We don’t have to do many things because The team is in very good direction with very important young people and another who will arrive (Endrick) who is very good,” he concluded, with the same philosophy of faith in those who are there that has led him to be an eternal figure on the Real Madrid bench, despite being a great conductor of electricity. Oh, and of course, not to mention Mbappé. “You’re new, right?” he told the journalist who opened the well-known melon for a player who is once again putting his future up for sale.

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