An Exciting Year of Sports in 2024: From Football to Ice Hockey and Everything in Between

Original title: 2024, the New Year of Sports, with exciting events

Beijing Daily reporter Liu Jingtao

2024 is a “big year for sports”. In addition to the world’s largest comprehensive sports meeting, the 33rd Summer Olympics, which will be held in Paris, France, the world’s top individual events will also be staged one after another. International events will be held in many cities in my country. Chinese sports fans can not only follow the competition through the Internet and TV, but also come to the scene to cheer for the athletes.

For Chinese football fans, the Qatar Men’s Football Asian Cup is undoubtedly the most watched event in January. The Chinese men’s football team is divided into Group A. The group opponents are the host Qatar team, Lebanon team and Tajikistan team. The ice and snow season is in full swing, and ice and snow events represented by the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon Province, South Korea, and the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai, China, will be held one after another.

The 14th National Winter Games will be held in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from February 17th to 27th. This is the first large-scale national winter sports event to be held after the Beijing Winter Olympics. There are a total of 8 major events and 16 sub-events. 176 items. Another event that has attracted much attention from the Chinese people – the Team World Table Tennis Championships will be held in Busan, South Korea on February 16. The Chinese men’s and women’s basketball teams also have their own tasks in February. The women’s basketball team will participate in the Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Xi’an to compete for Olympic “tickets.” The men’s basketball team will play against Mongolia at home and away in the Asian Cup qualifiers. Japan team competition.

Entering March, the national football team will work hard for “tickets” to the World Cup. They will compete with the Singaporean team in the top 36 of the Asian preliminaries in two rounds, home and away. This month, individual international events are relatively crowded. The World Indoor Track and Field Championships, World Speed ​​Skating Championships, Badminton All England Open, World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships, World Figure Skating Championships, etc. will be held one after another. In addition, the Chinese Super League in the new season will also be held. An unveiling is planned this month.

The Chinese men’s and women’s ice hockey teams will compete in the World Ice Hockey Championships in April. In last year’s Women’s Ice Ice World Championships Group A, the Chinese team won all five games and won the championship, returning to the top group of the World Championships after 14 years. Chinese men’s ice hockey will participate in the World Championships Class A Group B competition. The highly anticipated Thomas and Uber Cup team competition in badminton will be held in Chengdu, China this month.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team will compete in international events in May, participating in the Women’s Volleyball World League in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Macau, China. The French Open will also start later this month.

After two round-of-36 games against Singapore in March, the national football team will face off against Thailand and South Korea, the other two opponents in the group, again in June.

Summer is coming, and this year’s most important World Comprehensive Games, the Paris Olympics, will kick off on July 26. This Olympics will feature 32 major events and 329 minor events. Chinese athletes will compete bravely on the Olympic stage. Fight for gold and silver.

As this year’s Wimbledon and US Open have come to an end, tennis competitions have entered the “China season”. Among them, the China Tennis Open will be held in Beijing in September. In October, two high-level events, the ATP Shanghai Tennis Masters and the WTA Tour Wuhan Station, will also attract the attention of tennis fans around the world.

In November, the Chinese men’s basketball team will once again play in the Asian Cup qualifiers, first against Guam at home, and then against Mongolia away from home.

The weather has turned colder and we have entered a new ice and snow season. Events such as the Speed ​​Skating World Cup Beijing Station and the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup Beijing Station will be held in the last two months of this year.

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