Alexander Zverev’s Disappointment and Health Struggles at the Australian Open 2024

Alexander Zverev’s Disappointment and Health Struggles at the Australian Open 2024

Alexander Zverev has come very close to reaching the final of the Australian Open 2024 and continuing to compete for that long-awaited Grand Slam title that he has been pursuing for a long time. However, he ended up giving up against Daniil Medvdev, watching the Russian put together an epic comeback. His explanations at a press conference are curious.

Disappointed, upset with himself, sad for the misfortune suffered and knowing that a golden opportunity has escaped him. This is how he appeared Alexander Zverev before the accredited media in the Open the Australia 2024minutes after leaving the Rod Laver Arena after giving up against Daniil Medvedev. The German player had victory very close, being just two points away from achieving it, and what no one expected was that he would so obviously attribute his defeat to a health problem that has diminished his physical strength at times. of the meeting.

– Disquiet about the defeat and key moment of the match

“This result is extremely disappointing for me because since I arrived in Australia I was playing at a high level of tennis. I don’t know what I can say,” he began, pointing out a Sascha who looked totally desperate. “What has hurt me the most is not having been able to close the match in the tiebreak of the fourth set, when I went 5-4 up and served. I lost both points and the one at 5-5 due to a totally lucky hit on his part , which is really difficult to accept,” said the German tennis player.

– Health problems that reduced their performance

Nobody seemed to notice that Zverev had physical problems, which is why his explanations at the press conference were surprising. “At the end of the second set I started to lose energy and I didn’t feel fresh at any point in the match. After the duel against Alcaraz I got sick, I’ve had congestion and some fever these days, so I couldn’t recover from the efforts as I would have liked it. Playing somewhat diminished against Daniil is impossible because he gives you absolutely nothing, he forces you to work hard for each point. I held on as best I could in the third and fourth set, in fact I was close, but I was no longer the same player as in the first two, where I saw myself as much superior to him, also from the rest,” he stated.

– Result difficult to assume on a mental level

Alexander Zverev has suffered two very painful comebacks in Grand Slam tournaments, possibly in two of the most important matches of his life. He lost the US Open final to Thiem with a 2-0 lead and this semi-final is something he will never forget either. “It is very frustrating to see that they come back from me, but even more so to feel that I cannot offer 100% on a physical level. I have played very, very good tennis during these weeks and to lose a match like that because of the physical aspect, not the tennis aspect, is very disappointing. I must be proud of how I have fought until the end and of the work I did in preseason that allowed me to play so well, and accept that there are things that I cannot control,” said the German.

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