the reason why Pedro Baños has not appeared on the program for weeks

the reason why Pedro Baños has not appeared on the program for weeks

The reason for Colonel Baños’ medical leave.

Colonel Baños has not participated in ‘Cuarto Milenio’ for weeks

Pedro Baños is on medical leave after an eye intervention

Iker Jiménez: “The postoperative period and rehabilitation are complicated”

Before seeing the new analysis of the Colonel Baños, Iker Jiménez wanted to clarify the reason for absence of this eminence in recent weeks, both in ‘Fourth millenium’ like inHorizonte: “We send you a big hug.”

According to the driver’s account ‘The Ship of Mystery’Baños “had a surgical interventionhas had a series of delicate situations at the level ocular and the postoperative and the rehabilitation “They are complicated, it is not simple.”

The colonel has been very attentive to the messages that the spectators send him, very aware of everything that is happening and “I am sure that, very soon, he will be with us as a standard of courage and the ability to have his own speech.”

“The circumstances of an ocular medical intervention “They are not pleasant at all.” adds Iker, “and even less for a person with his activity and his desire to tell things. It is a real task, but we are sure that he will emerge stronger from this and that he will count on us again.”


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