The Future of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine and “C to you” on France 5

Since 2017, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine is the emblematic figure of C to you. From columnist of Anne-Sophie Lapix, former presenter of the show, to official host, she knew how to print her paw, combining spontaneity and professionalism. Among the flagship columnists of the program broadcast daily on France 5, there is now Aurélie Casse, who first left BFMTV pour embody C the weekly few months ago.

Enough to suggest that the 37-year-old journalist would be well on her way to one day taking the head of C to you. Last October, in the columns of West France, Pierre-Antoine Capton, producer of the France 5 show, spoke enthusiastically about the work carried out by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine every week for six years, declaring that “as long as she wants it, she will keep the presentation” from the program. However, he was cautious, saying that he “always anticipate and prepare for the future” and that for this, he “brings in new personalities, like Aurélie Casse”. Interviewed in the columns of Satellifactson December 25, the flagship presenter of C to you assured that the producer “is right to prepare for the future”, before providing an update on the future of his career on France 5.

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A position that is not intended to last “for life”

“Aurélie Casse was not hired to replace me, she was to present C the weekly in place d’Ali Baddou. She works with me on good terms“, said Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine with a certain admiration, adding, firmly but kindly: “I wish him the best in public service, where I feel very good, at the head of It’s up to you. As for her own rise to the head of the France 5 show, when she succeeded Anne-Sophie Lapix, she preferred to recall that there was no “at no time of conspiracy or scheme” to allow her to become the official presenter. “I hope I have been valuable to him, as Aurélie Casse is by my side. I prepare myself every day for the fact that this may no longer work. It’s not a job for life, you have to keep that in mind.” she concluded realistically.

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