The Controversial Perspective of Patrick Mouratoglou: Breaking Rackets as a Winning Strategy in Tennis

The Controversial Perspective of Patrick Mouratoglou: Breaking Rackets as a Winning Strategy in Tennis

Patrick Mouratoglou is a professional commentator, one of those people determined to give his opinion on any topic and his reflection on what tennis players are looking for when they break a racket during a match, has not left anyone indifferent. Many Novak Djokovic fans have taken it as a hint towards the Serbian.

Nothing is coincidence and the end justifies the means. This is what he wanted to convey Patrick Mouratoglou in one of his now famous videos broadcast on social networks, in which he gives his opinion on some tennis matter that he finds interesting. Involved in that role of “influencer” and expert that he enjoys so much and that supports him to give his verdict on anything, the French coach made it clear what his perspective is regarding tennis players who break their racket on the court. Many think it is an indication of uncontrollable nerves and mental disconnection, but Mouratoglou believes that many of those who do it are perfectly aware of the consequences it will have, and they assume them because they believe it is a good strategy to win the match.

“There are tennis players who are tremendously competitive and focus on winning no matter what, victory comes above all else. It gives me the feeling that tennis players who say they regret having destroyed a racket, in reality they don’t, because they were perfectly aware that that was what was necessary to end up winning the game,” warns Patrick, who at no time refers to Novak Djokovicalthough the video broadcast on his Instagram includes images of the Serbian, as well as Kyrgios and Halep, among others.

– Mouratoglou believes that breaking rackets is a strategy to win the match

The Frenchman believes that there are several reasons that explain this act on the field. “Doing that movement with so much power releases the stress and pressure that one may have, but it also serves to put on the table the anger that is needed to fight against adversity. They know clearly that the stands will go crazy and will be in against them, but they do it because they need to feel hated to raise their level of play. It is surely not the ideal way, because it is a waste of money, it does not convey a good image and it is not something exemplary for young people, but it is what believe that it will give them a better chance of winning that game, they are going to do it,” said a Patrick Mouratoglou whose perspective will generate controversy.

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