Sandy Brondello’s Message: Marine Johannès and the FFBB

Sandy Brondello’s Message: Marine Johannès and the FFBB

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Marine Johannès left New York for many weeks now, but her name and her game remain very present in minds across the Atlantic. The proof with this big message from the Liberty coach to his No. 23, but also to the FFBB.

After a particularly successful summer in New York, with the first WNBA Finals to boot, Marine Johannès is back in France. If we could expect offensive explosions, the ASVEL player is ultimately quite discreet. Still capable of scoring exceptional baskets, MJ however “only” averages 13.8 points, 3.4 assists and 2.4 rebounds in his 5 championship games played.

It must be said that in a more structured game than in the United States and on smaller fields, she is not necessarily in the best conditions to let her creativity shine. And then, a rather remarkable sign of maturity, she clearly leaves the spotlight to Gabby Williams on fire since her return with 20 points and 6 rebounds per game.

Sandy Brondello talks about Marine Johannès and the FFBB

No doubt back in Australia, Liberty coach Sandy Brondello must in any case follow all of this very closely. Already because she is obviously interested in the form of her players, but also because she could find MJ at the Olympic Games. For Yahoo! Sportsshe also sent a big message to her star and to the French Federation:

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Marine Johannès should be known much further than in France. This is why players come to the WNBA. Basketball is an international sport and she should be famous all over the world because of her style of play. To be the best, you have to play in the United States. The FFBB made a decision, Marine made hers, and she stuck to it. I hope she will pave the way for others and show that playing in the WNBA and the national team is possible.

For Sandy Brondello, coach of the New York Liberty, Marine Johannès has a game that should transcend borders and allow her to be recognized throughout the world. And what better way to achieve this goal than to play in the WNBA, and what’s more, on one of the most publicized teams? The coach therefore regrets the ultimatums posed by the FFBB to her player, which go against this idea of ​​export.

Basically, we can understand that the Federation is preventing No. 23 from reaching its full potential, which is damaging for it, but also for the French team. When we see the work accomplished last summer, we say to ourselves that she could have gained confidence before the Olympic Games in Paris if she had had the right to reach New York before the preparation.

Sandy Brondello hopes that the FFBB will open its eyes and realize that it is possible for a player to follow a WNBA season and international competition with the selection. For her, it’s even a good way to become the best possible.

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