Rey Ordóñez Advocates for the Removal of Defensive Shift in Major League Baseball

Rey Ordóñez former shortstop Major League Baseball He was outspoken about the use of the defensive shift. Which was used in modern baseball and mentioned that it no longer works in the United States.

“Thank goodness they removed the shift, I did that with nothing, that player hits here, let’s do it”commented Rey Ordóñezin a Live of SwingCompleto.

One of the main arguments of Rey Ordóñez is that the defensive shift took away the intelligence of the players. Since, they stopped taking the initiative to investigate the opponents to rely on the game book.

In the modern era there is a book that could make the game easier. In addition, telling each of the players how to play according to the occasion.

“Take the book, play here, play there, what is that?”he continued Rey Ordóñez in SwingCompleto. Likewise, he mentioned that removing the shift is the best thing for the player to think and develop his defensive skills.

Rey Ordóñez reinforced his opinion

On the other hand, the idea of ​​restricting the use of shift could also be aimed at its excessive use. Consequently, the batting average of left-handers declined noticeably, making the game less attractive.

Finally, this had the consequence that the public, and especially young people, did not show as much interest in baseball, according to various studies by Major League Baseball.

2023-12-06 23:16:03
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